The least portable.  You all cry why?!? The reason being that even if I want to sew on a button I get out my machine!  Hand sewing is not my forte and if it can be machined it will.

On the one project at a time front to me sewing is not just one thing!  There are different “strands”.  For example there are the bears I make for babies that are born to friends and family, then there are little projects and then there are the things that I would love to get around to but never do the big projects, clothes for me mainly.  And also Patchwork gets its own separate entry.

Having both a sewing machine (formerly two) and an overlocker you would think I would be able to turn out everything I wanted but this appears not to be sew (haha).  This has almost become my nemesis but not a UFO nemesis a haven’t even started one!

My attempt at going to a sewing course did not go too well and my follow the instructions and pattern method does not always make for the best fitting garments which is the whole point of making clothes for yourself right?

Now the goal for the year (2010) is to clear the fabric and pattern stock pile by actually turning it into what it was intended to be!  The key issues on this will be getting time, being disciplined and the baby boom ceasing. 

On the bear front I try to get one done for each of the babies that are born.  This started as something I did for one and then felt I needed to continue which is a little random as most of the people who have babies don’t know each other so would know no different.  The majority of the bears have been fur jointed bears although at some point in the middle of the boom some were short changed with non jointed fleece ones!  The original driver for this would have been when I was a teenager and made a singing hanging moon for one of my cousins children.


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