Wrist warmers – to do 2012

Practice/charity squares – to do 2012

Bulky snoody scarf thing –  to do 2012

Lace cardi – 2013?

Aran cardi 2013


I think we can say that this has been my main craft in recent years.  It’s so portable.  I have been to some classes and it has made a wonderful difference to the quality of my knitting but more especially the finishing.

Gone are the very dark days of youth with holes where you don’t want them but now it seems it is not easy to get them when you do.  I am not a lace knitter!

My favourite is cables but I am looking forward to doing some colour work which I learnt to do at one of the classes.  I generally knit for myself which may be a bad thing as I am sure I am my harshest critic.

You will spot me a mile off if I am knitting as I am a “thrower” and will be poking you from feet away due to my unusual needle hold!

Despite this being my mainstay for the last few years I am now on a knitting siesta (April 2010).  My Mojo has definitely gone on holiday and I can start and finish something without having love for it at any point which for me generally means don’t do it.  This may also have quite a bit to do with the number of babies which seem to have emerged around me which I feel that if I knit (and do bears –  see sewing) for it exempts me from seeing them until they are 21. 

The thought of the colour work is keeping it in mind and I am sure the mojo will return, maybe its just waiting for the ash to clear! (if reading after April 2010 all planes stopped by ash from Icelandic volcano)

Debbie Bliss Cable and Rib Jacket 

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