This was all started by my great nanna many years ago when she gave me a Beswick Beatrix Potter figure of Mrs Tittlemouse.  The collection has grown somewhat since then!

It now takes up a sizeable part of my loft space.  Yes I know why is it in the loft.  There are to many reasons and excuses so just accept that it is.

The Beswick, later Royal Albert , before going back to Beswick figures collection has expanded obtaining newly released figures until the production stopped and also working backwards to get retired figures.  My main area of collecting was the standard size figures but this has now been added to with Tableaus, large figures, toby jugs and anything else from the same factory.

I was lucky enough to go to the factory before it closed although none of my figures were being produced that day.

I am still actively collecting the figures when they are available at a reasonable price. 

There are other various bits and pieces added to this collection over time that are not the Beswick/Royal Albert figures, including knitting and cross stitch patterns, but the new direction is Steiff.

I have been lucky enough to receive some of these for birthdays etc and have also been able to acquire some from ebay (there should maybe be a page on me and ebay but that’s probably taking things a bit to far!).  I am hoping that along with the remaining Beswick and Royal Albert required I can complete the set on the Steiff front.


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