A long time and a case of De Ja Vu

Well I originally started writing this post on 03/06/14.  I did actually publish it on 13/07/14 and if you appeared on the internet at just the right/wrong moment you would have seen it but with broken picture links. Well all I can say is technology got the better of me somewhere.  I had to write the post on the app on the ipad as my home computer will no longer let me access the wordpress page (and many others) as apparently something is out of date.   After that I know not what happened but its not on the Ipad or the internet anymore which is even cleverer on the basis that at one point it was on the ipad twice.  Anyway back to the official story. Yes its been a long time but at the minute I know have no WIP, I am sure I will manage to change that before the week is out!


I finally finished “It”.  It was a long slog and a heavy read, as its over 1400 pages!  I don’t know whether it was slow because of this because I had all ready seen the film, obviously there is way more in the book, or just not in a reading mode?  Anyway another one off the list 6 months late so I really have got to get a move on if I want to reach my target by the end of the year. With that in mind I have finished the next one already!  Yay only a tiddler in comparison though.  Eyes of the Dragon, a bit of an oldie wordly one, like the Dark Tower one,which has not really been a favourite but it was nice to see one of the recurring characters again.


Here are the two gifts which I was working on for weddings.  Both weddings now been and gone so they can be unveiled.

FF Wedding Finished Car wedding finished

Cross stitch

Also on a cross stitch front I started this very recent purchase which should never had made it to the top of the pile but it was only small and its done already!



Knitting and not knitting!

Here is the cardi that I have been working on from the vintage book, the second attempt, its all done and has been knitted for a while.  However many other people had mentioned that the front bands needed reinforcing and indeed they did.  So I have spent considerable time stitching gross grain ribbon to the inside of the bands whilst carefully stretching to the appropriate length, ably assisted by my clover clips – see below,  and then I really had to pluck up the courage to cut the button holes in the ribbon.  This was assisted by fray stop and some hand sewn button holes.  Yes I saw the instructions after I started that said you should do the button holes in the ribbon before you stitch it on but with the stretching required I just dont think that would have worked.  Any way it has all been worth it as I am pleased with the result.

20140710-184754-67674165.jpg 20140710-184753-67673971.jpg 20140710-184754-67674347.jpg

And here is the not so knitting,  wow she was a project in knitted construction.  All the parts were easy enough knot but then there was a lot of putting together not least the making of the legs……pipe cleaners, straws, glue, wool!  Again another thing done, she unfortunately does not stand of her own accord but is a much better effort than Tom.

20140612-220736-79656560.jpg 20140612-220736-79656773.jpg

Pattern Weights 

As I never do any sewing I though I would make these for not sewing LOL.  They are supposed to be pattern weights as I say if I ever get around to using them!


A little spend

And I had a little spend on some things I had been hanging out on buying for a while.  I thought at least if I buy tools I am only buying things to help not extra things to do!  And the clover clips are awesome.   Anyway of to work out what to do next and hopefully get things done a little sooner this time.


I also think maybe I should blog each thing otherwise I just end up with round up emails which looks like I havent been doing anything.  AND I FORGET STUFF!

Edited again as I did forget stuff!


I have now done “official” snowflakes, when I say official I mean with the wool that was intended for them.



Kind of buying, kind of doing, kind of being helped…

Newly spangled new bobbins….thanks Joan

DSCN0307 New bobbins wound on winder

Prototype, but pretty much final, bobbin winder,………thanks Dad


Ah so just another thing that I need to find time to get around to!


Yes I know………….

Its been so long I am not actually sure whether I have done anything or not!

Lets start with that I know I did these charity mice.  DID is the operative word, I am not happy with them but it used up some short ends of wool and was for a good cause, Alzheimers.  Here is a link to the page about it I think they are well past the target which is great. http://www.makeandcraft.com/knitted-mice-knitting-pattern/

These are pre facial feature mice, I did attempt it but they just looked worse so they went to join my mum’s ones and had their features done then.

Charity mice

I have acquired some more Beatrix Potter figures since last time.

Large Gold Paid Tiggy and Jemima

I have progressed on Samuel but he still needs finishing.  I am finding I have to be in the mood to do him other wise it goes wrong.  On the same day I had about five attempts at putting the shoes together that didn’t work and sewed a hand to the end of a leg!  Went back to it another day and both shoes together first attempt no problem.  I have done inner ears for Tom Kitten as well but this was only as I was lacking car journey craft….Naughty will end up with too many things of the go again.

I have not yet finished any more SK books.

I have been busy with LIFE well more so WORK so seemingly have not done much else although I do have some secret stuff on the go.

I did go and buy material for this top as I thought I was going to get a day to myself to craft but ended up working so it still sits in the bag, never mind.

Material for top

Not what I have chosen to do for my birthday but situations have deemed that I am spending the bulk of the day on my own.  Now to some people this sounds not like a good day but I now have plans!  However busy work is I AM NOT WORKING MY BIRTHDAY bearing in mind this is a Sunday it is not a work day but at the minute that doesn’t mean anything.  I am having a craft and DVD day.  If  little guilt creeps in I may watch a stupid work update web thingy in between DVD’s but that is all the work relatedness there will be.  The only other deviation from this may be a little baking.  Its all still a month away but its decided its a me day.

For my early birthday treat I am off to a lace fair so I can have a look at some bits and pieces I am after in the hope that I actually get time to do some lace next year.  Its really not going to happen this year unless I do some over the Christmas week (yes I am sorry but if the shops are putting out their displays we are marching towards it).

Not getting anything done has been bad but actually being able to update this had been some what therapeutic.  In fact no having time to do something for me has been!

Ah my new toy, well assistant really.  No the light not the part finished samuel!


Well  until the next delayed installment See ya

Hmmm, finish is not achieve and some plan changes

Well nearly two months what do I have to show for it?

Well I have finally finished the Talisman.  I think I must have issues with opening to the thought of other worlds as when Jack was in the territories I struggled, but  when on good old earth I found it less difficult.  This is still my least favorite since The Dark Tower 1, I am now onto Thinner which seems as though it should be better.

My most recent wool acquisition made it to the top of the queue of things to do, I was so excited by it it had to go ahead of other things.  Well its done, its ok but self patterning wool is definitely not for me.  Stupidly I had already realised this some time ago but I was drawn to it again!   I have mixed feelings about it overall.  I am also not a fan of picking up but I am happy with the outcome of it on this project.  In the pic its looks very short, it is shorter than I would have liked but not as short as it looks, it is tricky to measure and work out how long it actually is due to the stretching side ways knitted cable panel.  The biggest problem how ever is my always problem of casting of too tight.  The bottom is tricky to get in!  Well here it is after the aran it is definately not a triumph.


I have also been attempting the “taffy”.  Now that is wrong, but in a way I do still love it.  I do need to sort the issues and make a proper one.  The main issue is the bust darts which I believe stems from my usual bad cutting out.  I continued despite this as felt that the neckline would be too large.  So its all french seamed, they are much to large as I forgot that the measure on my machine is not from needle centre DOH.  Anyway they serve purpose  Today I have had a complete mental block whilst bias binding the neck.  It did however prove that the neck is in deed too wide but with correct bust darts, a narrower neck and the tie to help the back fitting I will be happy.  I am not concerned by the floatly sleeves as others seem to be, in fact I like them.  So a very careful cut and lots of concentration required to make this a happy project is required.  ATM I don’t think I am in that place so its on hold.


I have decided the mommy poppins bag is not for me, yes I have waited ages for the pattern to be released but now seeing many versions its not for me.  I know the problem its not the knitting bag I had, RIP!


The second of these bags has now been returned due to the kisslock coming unwelded, the first one arrived like it the second it just happened after less than half a dozen uses.  BUT it was perfect, whilst I like the idea of an OHD I think this was probably a better bag for what I want.  Besides when it costs SOOOOO much to get anything posted from USA I don’t think I will be getting a OHD in any case.

I have bought this frame in the hope that I could make something similar.  I have been thinking about how to do it and looking at many designs and patterns  online for a few weeks now but, probably due to my general lack of enthusiasm for craft currently, I cannot see anything that is the same, cannot work out how to create it and have completely misunderstood a principle today so have the basis for a flat bottomed bag that is not big enough for knitting needles.  No pics as no point……


I have added a project which is a (some) charity mice for Alzheimers (worded badly but you know what I mean).

Also as the above jumper required extra yarn for matching I have quite a bit left over and there is a scarf in the book so in my normal no leftovers way this will fit the bill.

I’ve also done some of the rose embroidery but again am neither enjoying it or am I happy with the current outcome.

Overall I think I have lost my craft mojo, the only thing enthusing me at the minute is the taffy but I do need to be in a better craft place to be trying again.

So for now I put on hold the crafting, my need for finishing will unfortunately mean that some things are probably done when they shouldn’t be but that can’t be helped.  From a more immediate “hold” I am off to find some dinner!

Stephen King Reviews

For what they are worth I suppose I ought to have done some.  Someone has asked me about Talisman which is my current read so I will tell you my current thoughts on that and then back pedal a little for a brief run down of the rest.


Not loving it, its a hard slog.  To me it is like the first dark tower.  I guess maybe these count as Scifi rather than horror.  For me to read the number of books I want to this year I really needed this to be finished by first week of March and I am not even to page 300 yet!  I am obviously out of the loop as I got asked what it was like as they have read “the second one” first, what is the second one.  Ok I know I am mixing things up sort of by reading in publication order as obviously not all the Dark Towers are together (but if you read them as they came out they wouldn’t have been either I suppose) but what is the 2nd Talisman?

Carrie – what can I say everyone knows this one, I think I’ve read it more than once and seen the film.  Its a horror its good with me

Salem’s Lot – doesn’t stick in my memory either way, if you prodded me with questions I might be able to answer them tho.  Was ok

Rage – yep lost in the memory is this the one  about the construction site?

The Shining – another classic for me

Nightshift – another lost (in my mind) short story

The Stand – It long but its great

The Long Walk – what a great short story did not want to put it down

Deadzone – Can’t remember

Firestarter – Can’t remember

Roadwork – Can’t rememeber

Cujo – Loved it

Danse Macabre –  A VERY long slog.  I see the point of it but it is hard going.

The Dark Tower I – Not to my taste not looking forward to the others!

The Running Man – Dont remember!

Different Seasons – I think that this was the one with the awesome long/short story

Christine – Great book

Pet Semetary – Great book probably quite predictable though

Cycle of the Werewolf – Its diddy!

Well I’ve been back to this a few times now and have nothing more to add and have no better memory of any of the ones I can’t remember.

Note to self: Must do this at end of each book