Ok lets see whether I can stick with this this year?

Ok so I am still here I am still “doing”, seems like slowly most of the time but then when you look back maybe not.

Lets just have a quick rundown of last years finishes.  And maybe a few extras as it seems I have not been on here since Oct 16!


So moving forwards I NEED NEED NEED to get my Heaven and Earth designs mini princess and the pea done its been on the go over two years now and I have other projects I really want to work on.  So this is a focus for January.

I also would like to complete one more Brooks Books advent in January.

And I think the only other crafting thing I can hope to get finished is “Merry” band for my Christmas C2C blanket.

Finally I really need to finish my current Stephen King book as that is another thing that has really been neglected.


Update soon (hopefull!)


Bit of a craftathon

Well I have had a couple of days off work to make an extended weekend.  I also got some of Sat and most if Sun to myself so truly a long run at things.

So what did I do?  Handknitting, Cross Stitch, Machine Knitting and Lacemaking.

And to be honest in my “alone” time I havent really done anything else apart from eat and at the same time as the other things watch tv.

Cross stitch probably had the least attention and therefore not enough to show progress towards completion.

Handknitting has had quite a lot of attention and I have now got to the neck steek on the hare and tortoise jumper.  The bad thing of this is that the scary steek cutting bit is getting ever closer.

Lacemaking.  Having found a very good beginners book I have completed the first sampler from book.  Its tiny and does not feel like a great achievement knowing the projects I have completed in the past, however the principle is flooding back its just the pattern following that is a struggle as being so young when I originally learnt I don’t think that was really covered.

Any way here it is!  I am loving the coloured Venus crochet threads that the book recommended and at only 5g per ball the balls are dead diddy and cute which made it a bit of a shame to start them and muddle them up!

And finally the machine knitting.  This was the original intention of the craftathon.  At the end I have a jumper, it does fit, a jumper can be completed in far less than 4 days.  Well that’s the good bits!

I have made the jumper by transferring a hand knit pattern to the knit leader.  The knitleader is a device that you draw on what you want to make at full size.  This then feeds through the machine guiding you when to increase, decrease, cast off etc.  I think rather than attempting to convert a hand knitting pattern I should have taken a completed article and used the measurements from this.  The stupid thing being that I have hand knitted the jumper I based it on and could have therefore used the measurements from this rather than the pattern itself.  Anyway you learn from these things.

I also think I may not have understood fully fashioned increases and seem to a have a little hole at every one.

Making up on the sewing machine was quite easy and fairly successful.  The neckline is OK not really what I intended and it required some hand sewing to get it to look right but again its ok.

Machine knitting is definitely quicker than hand knitting but at the minute with the lack of actual “patterns” and the need for accurate swatching (which I NEVER do for handknitting) its seeming like a big learning curve to get something that is not a garment I would wear out. 

It terms of time I would be hard pushed to hand knit even an aran weight sleeve in a day.  The jumper sleeves on the machine in 4 ply were each knitted in less than an hour.

Anyway here’s two views of the same thing.

Any how I am quite crafted out for now and have sore fingers from my metal interchangeable circulars so am off the have a rest…….