Only one thing to shown again

I have finished this cross stitch which is for a gift and was not on the initial year plan….photo

I have been progressing with my Pearly cardigan but have not really got on very well with anything else.  I have got distracted by a number of things.  Including trying to set my ipad to do things I want it to do and also had to get a new computer because I could no longer use WordPress and a number of other sites on my old XP machine. Although I have quickly discovered there are quite a few things I can do on my XP machine that I cant on the new windows 7!  Oh yes I didn’t go to windows 8 that is s stretch too far.  I did consider trying to manage without a PC but I just couldn’t see it happening.  And as usual work gets in the way.  I also really have been getting on well on the reading front.

Well time to go and attempt to achieve something then!


A long time and a case of De Ja Vu

Well I originally started writing this post on 03/06/14.  I did actually publish it on 13/07/14 and if you appeared on the internet at just the right/wrong moment you would have seen it but with broken picture links. Well all I can say is technology got the better of me somewhere.  I had to write the post on the app on the ipad as my home computer will no longer let me access the wordpress page (and many others) as apparently something is out of date.   After that I know not what happened but its not on the Ipad or the internet anymore which is even cleverer on the basis that at one point it was on the ipad twice.  Anyway back to the official story. Yes its been a long time but at the minute I know have no WIP, I am sure I will manage to change that before the week is out!


I finally finished “It”.  It was a long slog and a heavy read, as its over 1400 pages!  I don’t know whether it was slow because of this because I had all ready seen the film, obviously there is way more in the book, or just not in a reading mode?  Anyway another one off the list 6 months late so I really have got to get a move on if I want to reach my target by the end of the year. With that in mind I have finished the next one already!  Yay only a tiddler in comparison though.  Eyes of the Dragon, a bit of an oldie wordly one, like the Dark Tower one,which has not really been a favourite but it was nice to see one of the recurring characters again.


Here are the two gifts which I was working on for weddings.  Both weddings now been and gone so they can be unveiled.

FF Wedding Finished Car wedding finished

Cross stitch

Also on a cross stitch front I started this very recent purchase which should never had made it to the top of the pile but it was only small and its done already!



Knitting and not knitting!

Here is the cardi that I have been working on from the vintage book, the second attempt, its all done and has been knitted for a while.  However many other people had mentioned that the front bands needed reinforcing and indeed they did.  So I have spent considerable time stitching gross grain ribbon to the inside of the bands whilst carefully stretching to the appropriate length, ably assisted by my clover clips – see below,  and then I really had to pluck up the courage to cut the button holes in the ribbon.  This was assisted by fray stop and some hand sewn button holes.  Yes I saw the instructions after I started that said you should do the button holes in the ribbon before you stitch it on but with the stretching required I just dont think that would have worked.  Any way it has all been worth it as I am pleased with the result.

20140710-184754-67674165.jpg 20140710-184753-67673971.jpg 20140710-184754-67674347.jpg

And here is the not so knitting,  wow she was a project in knitted construction.  All the parts were easy enough knot but then there was a lot of putting together not least the making of the legs……pipe cleaners, straws, glue, wool!  Again another thing done, she unfortunately does not stand of her own accord but is a much better effort than Tom.

20140612-220736-79656560.jpg 20140612-220736-79656773.jpg

Pattern Weights 

As I never do any sewing I though I would make these for not sewing LOL.  They are supposed to be pattern weights as I say if I ever get around to using them!


A little spend

And I had a little spend on some things I had been hanging out on buying for a while.  I thought at least if I buy tools I am only buying things to help not extra things to do!  And the clover clips are awesome.   Anyway of to work out what to do next and hopefully get things done a little sooner this time.


I also think maybe I should blog each thing otherwise I just end up with round up emails which looks like I havent been doing anything.  AND I FORGET STUFF!

Edited again as I did forget stuff!


I have now done “official” snowflakes, when I say official I mean with the wool that was intended for them.



Kind of buying, kind of doing, kind of being helped…

Newly spangled new bobbins….thanks Joan

DSCN0307 New bobbins wound on winder

Prototype, but pretty much final, bobbin winder,………thanks Dad


Ah so just another thing that I need to find time to get around to!

A few gifts but not for the big (shh) day

Well against all my best intentions I now (and have had) a few things on the go.

I have made two pairs of these wristies for work colleagues.  I had to shrink them a little from the pattern as they (and me) and all small handed.  The bonus of this though was that I managed to get two pairs from one 100g ball of wool, yes wool 100% wool.  And if I don’t say so myself very nice they are too!


Also there is a surprise party coming up and I am not able to go so thought I would do a nice cross stitch card,  I couldn’t really find what I wanted but came across this coaster which I thought was quite sweet.  That’s all done too. Coaster

Other than that at the minute I am working on an aran cardi for me and a cowl/scarf thingy with some of the wool that was payment for the knitting machine.  To justify to myself why I have both on the go – the aran cardi is being knitted from 400g balls of wool and as I am doing both sleeves, at once and first, that’s a lot of wool to trail around if I need something portable. Well I am satisfied at that! (as I waited so long I have now finished the cowl!)Cowl

All Done

Well its a incy wincy lie.  There are still no buttons on my Cardi. 

But the Xmas Tree is finished!  I am pleased with it and I discovered that it is actually bigger than any of the others cross stitches I have done although possibly not so densely filled.  It is also nice to have something with such straight forward back stitch.Image

There are some mistakes without a doubt but only I know that (well and now all of you) but nothing that you would be able to tell I mean none of the animals arms are attached in the wrong place or anything!  OH’s Nanna doesn’t like sky on her jigsaws well I don’t think I like grass and foliage on my cross stitch.  Its also strange how there are some silk numbers (shades) that I just know are going to be trouble and I don’t know why.

I have realised that I have missed a very important piece of information.  I have been exorcised have sold my knitting machine.  WOOO HOOOO  I have nothing more to say on the subject.

What’s next then?


 Ah yes a little light knitting.  Well so light, some a little more taxing.  The blue bulking and purple are part of my payment for the knitting machine.  This has gone against all of my understanding as I always choose what I want to do then buy the yarn.  But I have found a snoody/scarf thing which should work for the bulky and a lacy knit for the purple, this may not go so well as again against my understanding I will have to do a tension square and have no idea how much yardage I have so might run out!

The two blue and grey are for dual purpose squares, practice for big project and also for the local knit shops charity project.  The brown/cream is for some wrist warmers and the MEGA aran is for a proper aran cardi for me. I have been harboring one for a long time now.

I was also having a tidy in my loft the other day and discovered 3 generations of crafting past.  There were various items made by elder family members and then I found these


Made by me



Made by my great nanna

Then I thought hang on there were more……………after some thinking and discussion the decision was made that my sister is the custodian of the reminder of the family.  And here they are


 Made by my nanna

On the book front I am almost finished Christine and expect to be finished some time in the next week.

(Apologies for bad pics and aligning, I will work it out one day!)

Twice in less than a week!

Well I have been spurred on and determined to get things finished before I started the blouse course but….. that has been cancelled.  Anyway I have still stuck with it

Baaa Lamb is done


Trousers are shortened


Ok cross stitch not done but look how much progress there has been since the last update.  Most of the “colour” is done and it will be “whites” and backstitch to finish it off.

So after much moaning at myself I have done it, just one thing on the go!


Still slow progress

Well with yet another long blog absence you would think I had being making progress elsewhere WRONG.  Well not entirely but not as much as I would like.

The blanket is done



The dress is abandoned never to be recommenced

The cardi is done bar the buttons (cant find any I like)

Pickles – it’s a bit of a spot the difference.  He is meant to be a dog but I rather think he looks like a rat.  I also think despite having what were probably the right colours to give the differentiation between jacket and fur I did not use them so they are a little too close.


Tommy Brock – well I suppose at least he looks like a badger but what else could it be……. well a skunk I suppose!

Cross stitch I have worked on and worked on more whilst on holiday, but it’s not finished but IT MUST be finished for Xmas 2012.

I haven’t bought a pattern for my blouse course yet.  I have seen this one but its OOP, so think I will probably end up going for this one unless I see anything else in the mean time.

And the BaBa baby lamb has been cut.

On the book front the slow going of Dark Tower 1 has been followed by quite a storm through Different Seasons and I have now started Christine.

Bit of a craftathon

Well I have had a couple of days off work to make an extended weekend.  I also got some of Sat and most if Sun to myself so truly a long run at things.

So what did I do?  Handknitting, Cross Stitch, Machine Knitting and Lacemaking.

And to be honest in my “alone” time I havent really done anything else apart from eat and at the same time as the other things watch tv.

Cross stitch probably had the least attention and therefore not enough to show progress towards completion.

Handknitting has had quite a lot of attention and I have now got to the neck steek on the hare and tortoise jumper.  The bad thing of this is that the scary steek cutting bit is getting ever closer.

Lacemaking.  Having found a very good beginners book I have completed the first sampler from book.  Its tiny and does not feel like a great achievement knowing the projects I have completed in the past, however the principle is flooding back its just the pattern following that is a struggle as being so young when I originally learnt I don’t think that was really covered.

Any way here it is!  I am loving the coloured Venus crochet threads that the book recommended and at only 5g per ball the balls are dead diddy and cute which made it a bit of a shame to start them and muddle them up!

And finally the machine knitting.  This was the original intention of the craftathon.  At the end I have a jumper, it does fit, a jumper can be completed in far less than 4 days.  Well that’s the good bits!

I have made the jumper by transferring a hand knit pattern to the knit leader.  The knitleader is a device that you draw on what you want to make at full size.  This then feeds through the machine guiding you when to increase, decrease, cast off etc.  I think rather than attempting to convert a hand knitting pattern I should have taken a completed article and used the measurements from this.  The stupid thing being that I have hand knitted the jumper I based it on and could have therefore used the measurements from this rather than the pattern itself.  Anyway you learn from these things.

I also think I may not have understood fully fashioned increases and seem to a have a little hole at every one.

Making up on the sewing machine was quite easy and fairly successful.  The neckline is OK not really what I intended and it required some hand sewing to get it to look right but again its ok.

Machine knitting is definitely quicker than hand knitting but at the minute with the lack of actual “patterns” and the need for accurate swatching (which I NEVER do for handknitting) its seeming like a big learning curve to get something that is not a garment I would wear out. 

It terms of time I would be hard pushed to hand knit even an aran weight sleeve in a day.  The jumper sleeves on the machine in 4 ply were each knitted in less than an hour.

Anyway here’s two views of the same thing.

Any how I am quite crafted out for now and have sore fingers from my metal interchangeable circulars so am off the have a rest…….