February…. very extended

Well it is the shortest month


Some new buys…

Mrs Tiggywinkle Satin Benjamin Bunny Satin Mr Jeremy Fosher Satin

The vintage cardi which is not the one I intended is getting close to “knit finish” but it’s not there and will still need sewing up….  There was some time spent starting over the original option a few times but despite how the picture looks, I thought main basis was cable, it’s actually got a lot of yarn overs which are not my thing and only a very short way into the pattern on the sleeves (for those who don’t know I always do sleeves first and in a pair) I decided that I would not like the out come and switched to this.



Sheep quilt moved from 2013, – still in progress but getting there!  And for hand sewing I am enjoying it

Sam is finished!



And I have done some work on Tom but he’s not there yet

A crochet finish


and I remade the owl hat cutting some rows out and then ended up with wool left over haha



This was part of one of the gifts mentioned below


I have been distracted by a couple of gifts, one that has been gifted and is below the other is for a future event so will remain unblogged until then

20140324_192321 20140324_192258 20140324_173358 20140324_192203 20140324_192309

This is something I saw the idea for in a few places on the internet.  In most places its smaller than I have a there are a few versions of the items contained but I decided I would go slightly bigger which meant that I could get some items that could actually be used rather than being nicknacks/decorative.  I was pleased with what I put in in the end but once I decided I was going to go my own way there was a LOT of though and decision making involved and I am a rubbish decision maker (well OH says so).

Sorry really not that much to show for over two months but as I suspected Jan was exceptional.  I keep thinking maybe I shouldn’t have so many things on the go at once but I have only got one thing of each craft and that does mean that I can do what I feel like when I have the time and do not have to something I don’t feel like doing which from bitter experience is when things go badly.

Oh yeh and I read 10 pages!  That’s a really big dent into what I was hoping would be three books on top of finishing IT by now.

Hope you are all getting along a little better than me!



Yes I know………….

Its been so long I am not actually sure whether I have done anything or not!

Lets start with that I know I did these charity mice.  DID is the operative word, I am not happy with them but it used up some short ends of wool and was for a good cause, Alzheimers.  Here is a link to the page about it I think they are well past the target which is great. http://www.makeandcraft.com/knitted-mice-knitting-pattern/

These are pre facial feature mice, I did attempt it but they just looked worse so they went to join my mum’s ones and had their features done then.

Charity mice

I have acquired some more Beatrix Potter figures since last time.

Large Gold Paid Tiggy and Jemima

I have progressed on Samuel but he still needs finishing.  I am finding I have to be in the mood to do him other wise it goes wrong.  On the same day I had about five attempts at putting the shoes together that didn’t work and sewed a hand to the end of a leg!  Went back to it another day and both shoes together first attempt no problem.  I have done inner ears for Tom Kitten as well but this was only as I was lacking car journey craft….Naughty will end up with too many things of the go again.

I have not yet finished any more SK books.

I have been busy with LIFE well more so WORK so seemingly have not done much else although I do have some secret stuff on the go.

I did go and buy material for this top as I thought I was going to get a day to myself to craft but ended up working so it still sits in the bag, never mind.

Material for top

Not what I have chosen to do for my birthday but situations have deemed that I am spending the bulk of the day on my own.  Now to some people this sounds not like a good day but I now have plans!  However busy work is I AM NOT WORKING MY BIRTHDAY bearing in mind this is a Sunday it is not a work day but at the minute that doesn’t mean anything.  I am having a craft and DVD day.  If  little guilt creeps in I may watch a stupid work update web thingy in between DVD’s but that is all the work relatedness there will be.  The only other deviation from this may be a little baking.  Its all still a month away but its decided its a me day.

For my early birthday treat I am off to a lace fair so I can have a look at some bits and pieces I am after in the hope that I actually get time to do some lace next year.  Its really not going to happen this year unless I do some over the Christmas week (yes I am sorry but if the shops are putting out their displays we are marching towards it).

Not getting anything done has been bad but actually being able to update this had been some what therapeutic.  In fact no having time to do something for me has been!

Ah my new toy, well assistant really.  No the light not the part finished samuel!


Well  until the next delayed installment See ya

ABNI: Beatrix potter

Have made a few purchases since my last post.


Duchess with Pie


Jemima Toby Jug

The first two came from an auction, I absentee bid on them, and I am not sure whether Duchess is a second or not.  There are a few odd marks under the glaze but she does appear to have her check marks.  Being black compared to a lot of the other figures she is very shiny.

After those three I have taken a break from buying for a bit, but the reason will be clear from other posts!

Freaky, maybe I should set this as a monthly task!

Well it seems it is exactly one month since I updated this last well guess what…….  I have not done much again!

Slippers do now have soles

I have made some progress on my

 Cross stitch as below

I have started my cross stitch display book as below

Looks like a wonky hole but I think its the fabric pulled weird

Yes Well some are better than others

See this ones much better

This is what the album looks like I will get around to doing a little cross stitch for front some day

And I have two new Steiffs!

An amazon bargain

My exceedingly early birthday present from my mum!