So if the princess can sleep on the pea does that mean she is not a princess?

I mean she isn’t sleeping by her own choice I assure you but from my point of view she needs to hibernate.  Whilst it is quite my own fault for not sticking to my goal of 100 stitches a day, which in fairness is not onerous is it, I cannot proceed with her for the time being.  I had two very long weekends of stitching on her and whilst I can see the progress I still could not see the end.  So here she is at her hibernation point.  As yet I do not know how long the hibernation will be but I do know that I will not also reach my goal of completing her in a year. So here she is at point of hibernation.  Oh yes and you will see the distinct mark of unpicking which was indeed the final straw.29971270555_d0ee85760c_o

In other more productive news, mainly because of above hibernation.

Little Tiger is done


Alice Hooties are done


Fast and Furious Clouds Factory is done


See storming through…

I have also have been working on some squares for another crochet blanket



And I started a new cardi which is coming along great



So cross stitch, knitting and crochet is all good.

Now sewing

The good….

I have done a little bit of EPP towards a travel sewing kit



I have stitched the front piece for the owl wallhanging so just need to cut and stitch the felt pieces and then finish off.



Unfortunately clothes sewing has been minimal and not too successful so we will ignore that!

And I finished the Green Mile.

Ah and I went to a hen do and did a little ceramic painting.


In the grand scheme of things quite successful but frustrating at the same time.  So on for one last push to finish out the year.  As always the plans have been modified but its only me I have to please so there is no problem there!