Its only a duck in a shawl and some rabbits in dresses aka my late second quarter round up

(well this was started before I went on a mini break and I just didn’t get around to finishing it before I went so now I’m back! and behind as always ;-()

Well we have finishes, successful and not, we have delegated projects and we have cancelled plans.

The delay for this is really because the bunnies and the duck were eyelessly staring at me and I could not, as much as I did not want to finish either, do anything until they were done as they were beginning to craze me.  The duck was only finished the day before yesterday and that was only as I had had a few small “craft slots” which really only lent itself to this.

So here she is.  A word of caution if you are planning to do this make sure you really want it.  Its probably the worse of the Beatrix Potter Alan Dart patterns I have made up so far in construction terms and as you will see my version is not so very like the model picture.  If this were just my warning I would be sharing it in a different way, however after completing it I have discovered most people feel the same.

The bridesmaids were a little less taxing and I am after having not looked at them for a week or so pleased with them.  They are gifts for a friends daughters who are being flower girls at the friends wedding.  Yes I know flower girl bridesmaid but they are only young and the bunnies are carrying flowers so lets all use a bit of imagination her and pretend like we are 3 and 6!  The wedding colour is pink although these are the colours called for in the pattern, I however think maybe not this bright!  I made a few omissions from the original pattern although I had knitted them.  The pattern provided feet which I could not work out how they went on now could I work out why they would be seen with a full length dress?  I also left of the headbands which even though they had flowers on reminded me a little too much of sweatbands, maybe that’s just because wimbledon is on.


So I started with the last two for no good reason other than they were the closest on my mind and bring me relief.  I know you should not feel this way about crafting but sometimes things just don’t work out and sometimes they have been left so long they become a bit of a millstone.

“The Pea” however is not like this.  Unfortunately I have not had as much time to spend on her as I wanted but everytime I do stitch on her I love it.  There is something that pleases my mind about the methodicalnesss of the parking and working in rows plus the colours and seeing things appear out of all those tiny crosses is amazing.


Last before she got moved to new frame


On related front one I am surprised and pleased that with the amount of people I see doing Heaven and Earth designs, the regularity of their discounts and people showing their HAED pattern stashes that I have not been drawn into buying more.  Again my opinion but these are all epic undertakings and I could not cope with starting more than one of these at once.  I know I have other things on the go so that probably accounts for most of this but with the size, cost and amount of work required I just could not cope and my is only a mini, just a mere 35000 stitches!

On related front two I am not sure how many of my new toys I had last time I blogged?  Well I managed to pick up a bargain stand, but I think this might have been before christmas, I didn’t know if I really wanted or needed one and had been trying to look out for them in the shops to see but had kind of decided the one I liked the idea of was the Daylight smartstand.  One came up on gumtree for £10 so you know what happened there.  I have used it with my Qsnap and my other new toy and it has its faults but overall I am pleased with it.  The other new toy is the Millenium Frame, if you’ve not heard of them take a look at Needleneeds website then if you pay your money sit down and wait!

To be fair I did not wait that long, I did chase and  I did order by phone.  I then promptly had a suck when it arrived as I could not make it work.  Its all set up now and I am using it for “Pea” as you can see.  I think you definitely need something to hold it or lean it on. The tension though as described, once you get it in right *embarrassed*, is super tight.  I have been impressed with the new qsnaps i bought but this is different.  I don’t think life would have come to a halt if I had not got one but I would not be in a  hurry to part with it either, its a matter of choosing the right tool for the job sometimes it will be the millennium sometimes a qsnap, for diddy stuff neither.


So that covers wip number 1.

WIP number 2 is the Hooties.  I am on track to the end of June, July is finished (might as well mention it as we are in July) but still needs a bit more work.  So here are the next 3

WIP number 3 has been a quarter 2 new start and is the little tiger, I needed an extra car project so this was chosen from the 3 “littles”.


So now for another finish!  The We’re all Mad biscornu from clouds factory is all completely finished.  Now in a different way to Jemima please please do try a biscornu and don’t be afraid, they are so much fun and so satisfying as they come together.  I love this and I love the colour fabric I chose, the only problem I had was finding buttons diddy enough to not obscure to much of the pattern.

And another….the Shaun Bookmark. Not much to say on this one but it is done.


Now for Sad/Happy finish.  Its my ripple blanket I am so so happy with it but I am so so sad that it is finished as I loved doing it.  Yes there are mistakes, yes my tension changed and one end is wider than the other but I am so pleased with it.  I think unusually it might be something I do again but maybe in a different size.  As I am still such a crochet noob I decided I would keep exactly to the pattern which does mean its quite large!  To be fair I didn’t even look at what size it would be before I started!


Ok now some bad.

I have finished one book although this may have been on the last update.  After the mini break I am now only about 150 pages off another finish but really this is not good enough and I am so far behind with my reading plans its ridiculous I am not even going to be close to my target for the year.

The Kimono has gone for a holiday as “something” following the bad incidents. Out of sight out of mind….

The lace jumper has gone to be attempted by someone else (thankyou x)

So all in all I have had a bit of a clear down of things that were on the go and it feels good.  Now onwards and upwards, I really need to spend some time on the pea.  My original plan was to get her done by the end of July er well thats not going to happen!  So my new target is early Nov as this will be a year from the start, anything sooner will be a bonus if it drags past that I will not be too happy.  Tiger will be continued as a car project.  I have been working on a adjusting a pattern for a full bust adjustment in the hope that I can make something that will it!  Well sew something that I manage to finish and had do degree of hope in anycase!  I think I may well start my owl quilt and would also like to do some of the craft holders I have planned.  I think I may use some of the leftover wool from the ripple to do some granny squares.  And finally I want to do some knitting for myself, I had planned to do the sugar jumper but again I had bought wool that does not knit to the correct tension so have gone off the idea completely and I am looking at other things although I am trying to be good and use a stash pattern but will have to buy some yarn as I don’t have yarn stash 😉

Happy crafting