Oh dear and nowt to show

I have generally been on a go slow, when I have not its not really gone too well.

I am so far behind where I want to be with my SK books its ridiculous so lets not talk about that.

I am up to date with Hooties and I was upto date with ripple until last week so hopefully I can catch that up.  Pea miles behind…not worked on anything else other than what follows…

The Kimono.  Well I was in an upbeat positive mood so I thought I would get it out and give it some attention.  Well I did, and undid some, and did and undid some and made some holes where there should be any and fiddled with my machine and tested on some scrap of the same and some different material , realised I was only going backwards and that essentially none of the pieces were connected anymore and the swiss cheese effect wasn’t what I was looking for so put it back in the cupboard.  I think it has had it to be fair.  There is probably enough to cut some smaller pieces to make something else but as yet I do not know what or I might just be able to trim all the pieces, ie downsize it a bit, and have another go.

I have collected the lace jumper that I asked my mum to knit me a couple of years ago as she had decided she had had enough.  The reason why I asked for it to be knitted for me it I am not a lace fan.  But I thought its here, its started lets seen what happens.  Er, um a lot of unpicking happened.  I didn’t get one row completed, I don’t understand the instructions, I don’t like lace knitting (ok I knew this but sometimes you have to try) and what I did manage to do took me so long that it would take me so long to knit it I would not want it when I had done as I would be fed up of it and I will have grown out of wanting it!  Oh boy do I see why my mum was fed up.  So now the question is what to do, apart from the last row that has probably been messed up by me fiddling it looks great but at the same time there is a very long way to go, to match the tension will be tricky (I knew I was going to face that in any case) but would someone want to take it on either for me or for them self or do I just frog and find something else to do with the yarn?


Here is hoping for a peachier patch both in progress and success!



2 thoughts on “Oh dear and nowt to show

  1. I could have a go at the top if you like… I quite like knitting lace (cables are my nemesis!). It looks pretty, it would be a shame to pull it undone.

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