VW Camper Wedding Cross Stitch

Can you just, how long will it take, well Ive seen something….

How well us crafters all know those phrases ūüôā

Well it was “so you know that wedding we are going to on Easter weekend they are having lots of hand made things and they are into VW, there’s this cross stitch on the internet do you think you could do it in time?” ¬†This is about end of Feb so the search for where the pattern was from and whether I could get it began.

As usual people are so helpful when you put out an internet call for help.  Someone on Ravelry (not asked so not naming names) managed to pinpoint what magazine it was from for me.  This meant that I was then able to further research this and look on eBay etc for the magazines.  I knew I had seen it before but could not workout why it was familiar.  Once I got to some further pictures I knew, I had seen it when I had ordered some other wedding patterns from email a while back.  The pattern was in a magazine with some other transport related wedding patterns including a bicycle, london bus and an elephant.  I think it was the elephant that reminded me!  This also enabled me to see who the pattern was by.

By this time I had also set my ever helpful mum on the trail contacting the magazine company that published it etc…

It turned out it was a Maria Diaz design and to my excitement I found a website so thought bingo I’ll be able to order it of the website and a make a start. ¬†Unfortunately the pattern was not available on the website. ¬†So back to mum to get on the case of finding if there was a way to order the pattern even though it was not available on the website?

My mum managed to contact Maria direct and although she said she was busy she said she would look the pattern out and email it over in the next few days for free!   True to her word it was with me within a few days with a simple request to provide a photo of the completed item for her new website which will be available soon.

So off I set I know its only a small design but I thought it would take longer than it did. ¬†It only took around 8 hours. ¬†I did make two changes which was no french knots, some days I can, some I can’t, hard as I tried I couldn’t. ¬†Also I changed the “Just married” from the top to the bride and grooms names and put the date on the bottom.

I was really pleased with the outcome, as apparently were the bride and groom! ¬†The frame was perfectly them and fitted in with their “blingy” theme.