1st Quarter Round Up

Well again this is mainly for my benefit to give myself a kick up the bum but will also give you all an idea of what I have (and haven’t!) been doing.

What I know I have done is got too many things on the go, I don’t really know how it has happened but I really need to get on top of things again.

I am going to number things so we can all see the problem

Firstly reading (1) I hope that by the time I post this I will have finished my book that was meant to be finished well before Christmas and should have been followed by three more this year so far.  I can’t put my finger on my I have not got on with this one.  Its a book of short stories in hardback format, whether either of these factors have a bearing or whether reading hasn’t been up there on my todo list I do not know. (I HAVE HAVE!)

Jemima Puddleduck knitted toy (2) well I don’t think I have made any progress on this this year.  I know I got to a point where I was trying to put one bit together and  its just wasn’t working so I put it to one side…..and there it has stayed.  I really want to get to more knitted BP’s done this year so I really need to get back to this.

Knitted Bridesmaids (3) yep there were knitted over Christmas and I have done a little construction but they are mainly still just a pile of knitted pieces.  I have got until August to finish them off by what to see them done well ahead of that.

Lace Batwing Jumper (4) This is technically a new addition although it has been started by my mum, she says she wont be able to finish it for me and I’m not go at lace knitting so this could be an extremely long term project.  Well its been on the go nearly three years a bit longer wont hurt.

Cascade cable rib jumper for my sister is finally finished Hurrah.  No longer a WIP and finish number 3 for the year (see below for 1 and 2)

Crochet ripple blanket (5) well at the moment this is not actually going to badly. I keep changing my goal but I am within a few days either ahead or behind depending on which one I am using.

We’re all mad cross stitch biscornu (6)  I am so annoyed this is not finished yet the only real reason is I can’t decide if I am happy with the buttons I have chosen.  As I have not done it I guess not so best I look for some more.  Definitely want to see this finished by end of April.

Hooties in Wonderland (7) Well in a cheats world this gives me two extra finishes as I have finished 2 from 9 of the characters and I am on track for my one a month.

Shaun the sheep bookmark (8) Finally collected the thread that I need to complete so this should be finished very early in April.

Princess and the Pea (9) Ok so we all know she was going to be a while but I have not worked on her for over a month so I am really behind where I wanted to be and also missing working on her.  Hopefully can get back to it this week.

Wedding Camper.  Yey another finish, although it was an unintended start and a can you just.  See this post of details.

Q Snap cover.  As can been seen from the last post this was actually the first finish of the year along with the sleeves for the hooties.

Kimono (10) This has been partially unpicked but still sitting in the cupboard thinking about what it has done.

So in short my pushing myself hard to get things done has not worked that well.  I think I have done well in that I think I have only bought things that I need for what I was doing, ie extra threads for camper, my only other “order” has been for a millennium frame but that’s not exactly going to plan although I am not surprised.

Anyway I know that many people have many more things on the go but this is simply too many so I need to take a look at myself and get some off the list asap.  So off I go…..