Crafty day the good and the bad

Well I know I have time left today but the bad has happened so I thought I would take a break report in and then find something I can hopefully get on better with!

So the day started well.  I made another grime guard for the larger q snap I will need as my HAED Princess and the Pea expands.  I struggled with the first one I made but this one did seem to go better.  I also made some little pockets to use as grime covers when using the aida band I have chosen for the Hooties in wonderland cross stitch.  So I wouldn’t say I was on a high but things were going in the right direction.



Well the next project to turn to was the kimono.  I had already cut the pieces at weekend and thoroughly read the instructions so I would have chance to “digest” it.  To be honest it was not long before I knew it was going to go badly….Now I nearly always have trouble with cutting and assume this has a lot to do with my construction issues but this time the cutting had gone or at least I thought well.  This was because a lot of the sides were straight and I was able to cut these with the rotary cutter rather than scissors.  So when I realised that I was having difficulties with only the second step of construction maybe I should have just stopped.  Step one was sew the shoulders I think this went ok.  Step two was to french seam in the sleeves.  Now when pinning they did not seem to fit that well and I could not really understand were I should finish the stitching, still I continued.  Once the second run on the french seam was finally finished, after a treble unpick on one side, something was clearly not right.  Why do I never stop?  But what happens if I stop nothing can be done its all too late so indeed I carry on.  Right next pin side and sleeve seams, body does not line up and when I attempt to sew it is clear the armpit seam is going to be a disaster,still I finished that also.  But now I don’t want to ever attempt to clothes sew again.  It is in the cupboard where it will stay.  I do not understand in the slightest.  Many years ago I have made many things whilst the fit and finish was not perfect I now cannot even simply construct something and I am just wasting my time trying it is a lost cause.  I thought cannot bring myself to part with all the clothes sewing things I have.  I feel if I am determined it will work until I get started and them once I have started I now it will not.  Moan over.

In other better news I have started my crochet ripple blanket which was meant to be a row a day job.  Well it may stretch a bit longer than that as at the moment I am a little slow with it.  However even with just the first colour done I am happy.

I am using the Mad Biscornu cross stitch as a car project and after a reasonable length journey I have completed the back and made a good start on the front.


All the knitting for the bridesmaids has been done which unfortunately means that is added to the “Alan Dart construction pile” along with Jemima.  Maybe that would have been a better use of my day….


And finally the current update photo on princess and the pea, I say current although no doubt this will be what I work on next today as it will cheer my spirit.  It is strange how it is such a large piece compared to others I have done but even a little work on it provides satisfaction as you can see progress,


So now I have vented my disappointment I am off to find something I can actually do.