Well I am definately bad at this

I started writing the post in about September.  Clearly my heart wasn’t in it.  Well at least while I am not blogging I have been crafting…..I am sure not as much as some but it seems quite a lot when you put it altogether, well it should, we are all about to see.  As there is quite a lot I am going to do mainly pics.

So first up is my new/old machine.  I have had it since about February when I finally decided I didn’t like my machine.  It’s an early 1980’s Bernina 930.  So far we are friends, I recently bought a walking foot and I was lucky enough to get a 1/4 foot for my birthday so my feet collection is pretty much back to where it was with my old machine.

So here are so of the things I have done with it so far


Saved my coat sleeve edges


Outside of folded up cross stitch travel case


Very basic Prima top my first project with the new machine

Somewhere there are some french knickers that go with this but I made some cutting and instruction following errors so they are realistically in the scraps pile


Full view of cross stitch travel case


End pattern pocket on cross stitch travel case


Notions pocket on cross stitch travel case


Inside my home made cross stitch travel case


Baby sack joint project between sewing machine and overlocker


Tie backs shortened

There has also been some minimal hand sewing, obviously only where absolutely necessary


Another save..I loved this cardi so its had to have some patches to cover the small holes…


Ironing board cover refashioned from a large one bought from the discount bin for £1.50


Ah and the sleeve board refashion pal of the table top board also made from same full sized cover


Ok weird I know but ever since I got a sindy in a flasher mac, wellies and no knickers when I was 4 I think knickers are important. So finally Ada has some

We had a little fun at work and made some guinea pigs from the comic relief craft book.  So here is a few different takes on the same project.

And an entirely no sew as it turned out, work chair recover.



Knitting well my “Pearly” has still spent most of the year consuming me.  Its been a running out of yarn disaster. Despite a very kind French lady sending me a ball of her same dyelot for free I still ran out again, hence you can see the dyelot difference in the bands.  The buttons are the only ones I could get anywhere that would fit the holes and had to be bead shanked.  I am not happy with the sleeve length.  It is safely in the drawer until I feel like looking at it again


And here are some happier knits


Collette by a French designer on Ravelry. I love this pattern, the 20% wool/80% acrylic does not doe it justice but its my work throw on so had to be practical. Unusually I might actually do another one


Bride and groom for colleagues wedding


Timmy now has his wife goody

And something else not so great.  I had thought I would do the Learn to knit an afghan.  I have now decided not.  I had done a few squares but was then trying to work the blocking, I have never blocked before, I didn’t really know what I was doing and could clearly see that attempting to manipulate them all to size really was not going to be fun.  The effort required to knit it all would be quite epic to follow it up with the blocking just didn’t appeal.  But hey it cleared a few spots for next year 😉


Cross stitching has had few finishes but with a new project on the go progress will be slow for a while….


Racing car, stitching on black is certainly different


Yes I know I should have ironed it. Jammie staffie Dmc kit


Ahhh emergency stitch


Ready for future weddings, great little travel project


Ready for future weddings, great little travel project


Ready for future weddings, great little travel project


A card for my cousin’s special birthday


A kit given to me by someone who can no longer manage to do cross stitch so I though I would make it up for them as a thank you for all the other stuff that came with it

I have made a bit better stab at crochet this year although it is still a bit of a struggle coming from the world of knitting and I am certainly not fast and my fingers and not that happy with it *ouch*


An owl from a craft magazine it was described as a cushion but its tiny so I don’t know what its a cushion for!


Boofle friend Purly the penguin



Everything else I suppose is quite slow I haven’t read nearly as many Stephen King books as I planned to.  I did have this as my “work am” project though, the idea was to work one row each day before I started work, most days I managed it and it made for a good start to the day.


And finally some Christmas presents


Oops no photo of it finished


Roofle another of Boofles friends


An emergency last minute request!

And the reason why cross stitch will be slow…I have finally given in to a Heaven and Earth design (google if you have not seen) essentially they are crazy fully stitched no visable fabric cross stitches.  Mine is a mini but is still 34882 stitches.  The plan was not to start until after Christmas but I couldn’t wait.  So this is how far I have got which is about 7500 stitches so quite a way to go.  Here is a day by day montage to show the progess, it certainly is a new way of stitching….

And baring there being many extra unexpected free hours before Christmas this is where it will be left until the new year


I may have forgotten something but it has been such a long time since I posted who knows!

This post has been prewritten and scheduled for publication