Well we are on the other side

Yep its a new year not that that generally means anything apart from its a marker  of what I didnt do in the last 12 months!

So  lets have a look at where I am

Well xmas break crafting took a massive change in direction on Xmas eve.  We went away and I had intended to concentrate on the potentially doomed cardi for the whole time but had taken cross stitch just in case I got a case of 4 ply cardi overload.  Well I didnt as I didnt get chance.  On arrival I thought Ill just do a bit more having progressed quite well on the journey.  When disaster struck!  My interchangeable needles broke on the join part way through a row landing a pile of stitches in mid air and leaving me with not suitable tools to continue.  I gathered up the mess and put aside until my return to see what the needle warranty policy was.   In brief it is that there is one but for reasons unknown to me and unexplained despite questioning I received a refund not a replacement.  I have therefore replaced the tips and bought the equivalent circular as I was doing both fronts and back together but with other things have not picked it up again since then.  Probably/hopefully get back to it at weekend and have as slow burn project….  EDIT this post has been a while in the development and I now have replacement needles after some comms with customer service.  I however have not done any knitting!

This meant that as a consequence I did get quite a long way through a new cross stitch which will undoubtedly be finished before the cardi!  EDIT  oh yes only white and back stitch to do

Since the break I have a finished a SK book (we’ll get back to that in a minute) and Timmy Tiptoes.

Yes he does seem a little “oh grandma what big eyes you have” but despite wondering as I put him together I am pleased with the again delayed outcome.

I think on the whole last year wasnt that bad and the main problem was that I got side tracked doing a lot of extras that weren’t on the original list…..So this year I am not going to have one, I will just maintain my own unpublished list of things that I have that I can do and go with it as and when I feel like it.

Although I do have some general goals….

I must do some more crochet


I must either make peace/friends with my sewing machine or take corrective action.  EDIT not done but a lot of thought put into it , should really spend time crafting in stead

A fairly big fail for last year though was on the reading front I think I was  about 4 short of what I wanted which amounts to many many pages, hopefully I can catch up a bit this year.  Tommyknockers was not exactly a thrill a minute and possibly a little too predictable?  EDIT I am behind on this years reading already

And I managed just 10 blog posts last year.  Now lets hope I was crafting or reading when I was avoiding blogging!

Yes sorry only Timmy to show pics wise this time

Timmy Tiptoes image_medium2 (1) image_medium2 (2)


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  1. He is so cute! l seem to find that the moment l “resolve” to do a particular thing or complete a particular project it puts me off track altogether, so your “secret” list sounds like a good plan to me! I have been resolutely avoiding all the things I pledged to finish this quarter. Ho, hum!

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