Running out!

What you say, what is running out? Well at the minute it seems like everything.

The year is running out we all know that.  And my reading and craft lists for the year are not, I am considerably behind.

My grey for my timmy tiptoes is running out and there is not enough to finish his hands and I haven’t been able to get the same colour locally yet, the dye lot doesn’t matter as they will be at the end of the sleeves so the colour “not match” should be ok.

I am running out of time to make baby present.  Expected due date was to be 13/12 it is now “booked” to be born Monday.  It wont get done by then then but might by the time we see it (yes its a surprise one) when it gets home.

My pearly is also about to have the same fate I fear.  This is not confirmed but I have knitted the sleeves and then am not upto the armholes on fronts and back yet and there is only one unstarted ball and the three I am using a not freshly joined in.  Now this will need a matching dye lot I suspect, Chances of that are I suspect limited so I guess it will then be a question of what to do…..

So what is not running out is things to do on the cross stitch that I started yesterday which I really shouldn’t have based on the above and other things that I am sure need to doing more urgently in non craft land but never mind.

Well I guess I wont be back until after the festivities, extended break, whatever you want to call it and celebrate or not.  But whatever you do I hope you all have fun and plenty of time to yourself to do whatever you what to do with the wind down.

See you in the new year


2 thoughts on “Running out!

  1. Oh, no! It is always the worst nightmare running out of yarn! Try asking on a few different ravelry forums, I came up trumps there recently, same dye lot and everything on a yarn that had been discontinued about 7 or 8 years ago! So it’s definitely worth asking 🙂

  2. Yeh I think that’s what I’ll have to do but I need to get a bit further, probably more or lees completely run out to try and work out how much extra I need. At the minute it looks like quite a bit but sometimes it’s amazing how far it goes the other times…….

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