Only one thing to shown again

I have finished this cross stitch which is for a gift and was not on the initial year plan….photo

I have been progressing with my Pearly cardigan but have not really got on very well with anything else.  I have got distracted by a number of things.  Including trying to set my ipad to do things I want it to do and also had to get a new computer because I could no longer use WordPress and a number of other sites on my old XP machine. Although I have quickly discovered there are quite a few things I can do on my XP machine that I cant on the new windows 7!  Oh yes I didn’t go to windows 8 that is s stretch too far.  I did consider trying to manage without a PC but I just couldn’t see it happening.  And as usual work gets in the way.  I also really have been getting on well on the reading front.

Well time to go and attempt to achieve something then!


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