It seems I got nagged…..

and that made me finish!

Lots and lots of hand sewing again but I am pleased with the outcome.  She is awaiting some rogue for her cheeks, its not something I possess, and I am thinking its a bit drafty under that skirt so I may do something about that at some point.  Oh and she’s not called Tilda she’s called Ada.

Spookily she had decided overnight she did not want to sleep standing up and had laid herself down on the desk face up, if she had merely fallen from where she was she should have been face down so we will see where she is when I get home tonight!Ada


2 thoughts on “It seems I got nagged…..

  1. Yes definitely shamed, I do think she is rather better than my attempt at the cloth dolls we made as kids, although I’m not sure where mine is now. Maybe there is some improvement after all!

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