My annual clothing sew failure

Well that might not be quite right but it definitely takes a long time between “can be bothered to tries”,

Whilst I know at least some of the fault is with my process and thus my results are not as desired I cannot believe that is all.   I know nothing you buy from the shops fits perfectly but how does everything I try to make just not fit at all?  Even things that don’t really need to fit.

This years attempt has been colette laurel.  Last year I tried taffy.  Now I have checked my measurements against the pattern size and am happy to go for a 10 as I did with taffy.  I’ve as usual cut badly, darted badly but looked at it and thought that’s not actually too bad.  And it’s only a scruff, other people might call toile but I’ll go with scruff.  Then I put it on…….oh how I wish I could find a hessian potato sack it would be so much more flattering!

The darts are in the wrong place they are not by me perfectly placed but per the pattern the are in the wrong place on my body.  The armholes gape at the front.  The shoulders and neck are to wide.  And the back is just way too full.  There is absolutely no point in continuing to sleeves and neck binding.

So disheartened again I crawl back into retirement…….