Ok so I’m getting somewhere at last

Tom is done. He does not look like Tom from the books nor does he look like Tom from the pattern! Which I also feel does not look that much like the one from the book but never mind. I gave up on the knitted eyes and went for cat safety ones as the knitted ones kept turning out weird. But here he is


The sheep quilt is now also finished and I do like this. As was rightly said by someone I have already shown it “what’s the point?” Yeh ok I suppose it’s just decorative and I will never put it up but I have enjoyed doing it, especially considering its mainly hand sewing. In the end the worst bits of it are the bits I machine sewed!


Vintage cardi now also doneish. The main part is knitted and sewn together but I need to finish the neck tie and the same as others have mentioned I think it probably needs the bands stabilising as they are knitted as part of the garment, not separate and then knitted on, so I me to look for something to do that.

I will confess to having purchased, received and swapped/shared some extra projects which now means that either this years list is looking even more crowded or that I have made a start on next years already!

I have now started another of my gift projects which will hopefully not take too long but I am yet to decide what I will do along side/when this is done.

And the “problem child” from earlier posts may have found a new home, fingers crossed.