February…. very extended

Well it is the shortest month


Some new buys…

Mrs Tiggywinkle Satin Benjamin Bunny Satin Mr Jeremy Fosher Satin

The vintage cardi which is not the one I intended is getting close to “knit finish” but it’s not there and will still need sewing up….  There was some time spent starting over the original option a few times but despite how the picture looks, I thought main basis was cable, it’s actually got a lot of yarn overs which are not my thing and only a very short way into the pattern on the sleeves (for those who don’t know I always do sleeves first and in a pair) I decided that I would not like the out come and switched to this.



Sheep quilt moved from 2013, – still in progress but getting there!  And for hand sewing I am enjoying it

Sam is finished!



And I have done some work on Tom but he’s not there yet

A crochet finish


and I remade the owl hat cutting some rows out and then ended up with wool left over haha



This was part of one of the gifts mentioned below


I have been distracted by a couple of gifts, one that has been gifted and is below the other is for a future event so will remain unblogged until then

20140324_192321 20140324_192258 20140324_173358 20140324_192203 20140324_192309

This is something I saw the idea for in a few places on the internet.  In most places its smaller than I have a there are a few versions of the items contained but I decided I would go slightly bigger which meant that I could get some items that could actually be used rather than being nicknacks/decorative.  I was pleased with what I put in in the end but once I decided I was going to go my own way there was a LOT of though and decision making involved and I am a rubbish decision maker (well OH says so).

Sorry really not that much to show for over two months but as I suspected Jan was exceptional.  I keep thinking maybe I shouldn’t have so many things on the go at once but I have only got one thing of each craft and that does mean that I can do what I feel like when I have the time and do not have to something I don’t feel like doing which from bitter experience is when things go badly.

Oh yeh and I read 10 pages!  That’s a really big dent into what I was hoping would be three books on top of finishing IT by now.

Hope you are all getting along a little better than me!