Well I suppose its been sort of successful…….but sometimes you just have to do want you want to do and maybe that means starting new stuff in stead of finishing old!

So here goes

Wristers made with wool for xmas


Cute little penguin, also an xmas gift


Owl Sack which satisfies my need for using up leftover wool, its the remains of last years aran, possibly not the best choice for a baby as its real wool?  What do I know about babies?!  And it meant I could buy some new knitting needles as my interchangeable set were living up to their price tag.  Its sad as they are so pretty but ATM I am liking the new ones better to knit with even if not so pretty.  Also made a start on a hat to match but ran out of wool so need to modify it 😦



Some more practice crochet, I think its improving, blue is from before xmas with nasty plastic hook, yellow is after with Knit pro Waves and red is in 4 ply (thats why its diddy) with Clover soft touch which I think is the best look one so wonder whether this points at hook of choice?


And started another crochet project which will be a nice little challenge but not super hard, hopefully an update next time.

This though does mean only a little progress on Tom and Sam, I did do some xmas week but it is now all sewing up and features which you really have to be in the mood for else it goes quite wrong and its not car friendly…..Reading “It” is but I am still struggling through


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