A rediscovered problem child….

You may or may not have seen this when I originally blogged it.  It was a super mammoth project  but I have never been entirely happy with it.

Hare and Tortoise Flat

The “steeks” have issues.  Steeks are for things knitted in the round and then cut (screams of horror!) to then knit in sleeves or bands etc.  The neck did not turn out too bad but the sleeves are not great, it may in fact be my picking up in combo with the steeks but they are just a bit weird.

However the real biggest problem is it doesnt fit, well you will see from the photo it goes on BUT getting it off is super tricky.

Hare and Tortoise On

A lot of love, time, effort and money went into it and I just have no idea what to do with it it just sits in the drawer.  I could unravel it and make something else but I feel “ugh” about that idea.  I suppose maybe I could keep it until I am really old when I shrink and maybe it will fit then?

Ever happened to you?  What did you do?  Yeh I’ve done it it the past but not on this scale in terms of time/money


One thought on “A rediscovered problem child….

  1. The fairisle pattern is beautiful… I would frog the sleeves and use the yarn to knit a couple of ribbed side panels to give you a bit more breathing room, I think it would be more useful as a slipover as well, lovely over a white shirt… please don’t frog it!

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