Well I suppose its the end then

2013 that is

So the plan changed things got done, things didn’t get done and so we will try and do them in 2014 in stead!

Well I have been away so long as I have been working a lot but other than that mainly working on the secret xmas projects which have now all been revealed.

Large cross stitch for my mum and dad

Cross stitch card for my sister


Cross stitch card for the inlaws


I think everything else I have done has been noted before but below is a tally of what didn’t get done and whether it is cancelled or moved to 2014.

2013 plan https://donnydl.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/the-year-plan-in-pictures/

Sheep Quilt 2014

Easy top 2014

Nicky Epstein Squares 2014

Pearly (alternative wool received for xmas) 2014

Patchwork squares 2014

Tiger cross stitch 2014

New look 6005, hmm maybe replaced with colette juniper see below

New look 6816 2014

Casual jacket, meh

Colette Taffy, need second attempt 2014

Mommy Poppins bag, no need knitting bag replaced and all well ATM

Practice lace

In addition it has been quite a crafty birthday and xmas so there are quite a few things to add to next years list (more further down!)



The reading has not gone so well this year and I am several books short of target. I want to get 8 more done in 2014. I also wanted to finish the current one over the xmas break but with over 700 pages left I dont think that will happen!  Mostly my fault though as I have spent time tidying crafts cupboards and doing some of those jobs you just leave and somehow I managed to start 3 (and finish 1) new projects when I still have 2 that need a lot of work!

Crochet star, not perfect but I sort of managed!


Penguin cross stitch, xmas present


Vogue wristers, xmas present


Samuel, yes no progress he is meant to be on the list for this afternoon


Tom, now fully knitted and semi sewn together but not stuffed etc, again he is on the list for this afternoon


I think I must have also missed two new ornaments and my purchases from the lace fair.  Oops or the Colette patterns I bought while they were on offer I just couldn’t resist, I know you have to print and stick the downloads but you can cut them and thats just so good.

20131226_130831 Mrs Tiggywinkle Buys Provisions
cp1024-front-med-a5cf06c8ad93daf93a7de2e20781bcd2 cp1025-04-laurel-med-b67b86cd4f566147e613141601415f32

Tailor of Gloucester Bobbin

There are a couple more bobbins and some spangles but I don’t have photos of those.

Here’s to a successful 2014!  Happy crafting, collecting and reading


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  1. Wow the bird table cross stitch looks amazing! And that is one epic list… I love the dress making patterns you have chosen, hope you have a productive new year. x

    • Ah yes but you sit and make monster and impressive quilts all the time!

      No its not epic its stupid! Its a bit like eyes bigger than belly…….

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