Ok so embroidery is not my thing either

I bought this kit as I wanted to give embroidery a go and also thought it might help my neatness of and desire to hand stitch. It was a pre-printed design and just required “filling in”. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well its always bad news when you don’t understand the instructions. There was a little sheet describing different stitch styles and the instructions said you long and short straight stitch. Ok so to me that’s free form and free choice that doesn’t really suit me. Any how off i go…..


And this is the finished item. I think it possibly doesn’t look quite so bad in the photo but I’m not happy. I found that in some places it was impossible to stitch in one direction, you ended up with backing threads showing through and maybe I have puled too tight but in a number of places there are backing threads showing where the colours change.

Ah well i think ill stick to cross stitch thanks.