Hmmm, finish is not achieve and some plan changes

Well nearly two months what do I have to show for it?

Well I have finally finished the Talisman.  I think I must have issues with opening to the thought of other worlds as when Jack was in the territories I struggled, but  when on good old earth I found it less difficult.  This is still my least favorite since The Dark Tower 1, I am now onto Thinner which seems as though it should be better.

My most recent wool acquisition made it to the top of the queue of things to do, I was so excited by it it had to go ahead of other things.  Well its done, its ok but self patterning wool is definitely not for me.  Stupidly I had already realised this some time ago but I was drawn to it again!   I have mixed feelings about it overall.  I am also not a fan of picking up but I am happy with the outcome of it on this project.  In the pic its looks very short, it is shorter than I would have liked but not as short as it looks, it is tricky to measure and work out how long it actually is due to the stretching side ways knitted cable panel.  The biggest problem how ever is my always problem of casting of too tight.  The bottom is tricky to get in!  Well here it is after the aran it is definately not a triumph.


I have also been attempting the “taffy”.  Now that is wrong, but in a way I do still love it.  I do need to sort the issues and make a proper one.  The main issue is the bust darts which I believe stems from my usual bad cutting out.  I continued despite this as felt that the neckline would be too large.  So its all french seamed, they are much to large as I forgot that the measure on my machine is not from needle centre DOH.  Anyway they serve purpose  Today I have had a complete mental block whilst bias binding the neck.  It did however prove that the neck is in deed too wide but with correct bust darts, a narrower neck and the tie to help the back fitting I will be happy.  I am not concerned by the floatly sleeves as others seem to be, in fact I like them.  So a very careful cut and lots of concentration required to make this a happy project is required.  ATM I don’t think I am in that place so its on hold.


I have decided the mommy poppins bag is not for me, yes I have waited ages for the pattern to be released but now seeing many versions its not for me.  I know the problem its not the knitting bag I had, RIP!


The second of these bags has now been returned due to the kisslock coming unwelded, the first one arrived like it the second it just happened after less than half a dozen uses.  BUT it was perfect, whilst I like the idea of an OHD I think this was probably a better bag for what I want.  Besides when it costs SOOOOO much to get anything posted from USA I don’t think I will be getting a OHD in any case.

I have bought this frame in the hope that I could make something similar.  I have been thinking about how to do it and looking at many designs and patterns  online for a few weeks now but, probably due to my general lack of enthusiasm for craft currently, I cannot see anything that is the same, cannot work out how to create it and have completely misunderstood a principle today so have the basis for a flat bottomed bag that is not big enough for knitting needles.  No pics as no point……


I have added a project which is a (some) charity mice for Alzheimers (worded badly but you know what I mean).

Also as the above jumper required extra yarn for matching I have quite a bit left over and there is a scarf in the book so in my normal no leftovers way this will fit the bill.

I’ve also done some of the rose embroidery but again am neither enjoying it or am I happy with the current outcome.

Overall I think I have lost my craft mojo, the only thing enthusing me at the minute is the taffy but I do need to be in a better craft place to be trying again.

So for now I put on hold the crafting, my need for finishing will unfortunately mean that some things are probably done when they shouldn’t be but that can’t be helped.  From a more immediate “hold” I am off to find some dinner!