Stephen King Reviews

For what they are worth I suppose I ought to have done some.  Someone has asked me about Talisman which is my current read so I will tell you my current thoughts on that and then back pedal a little for a brief run down of the rest.


Not loving it, its a hard slog.  To me it is like the first dark tower.  I guess maybe these count as Scifi rather than horror.  For me to read the number of books I want to this year I really needed this to be finished by first week of March and I am not even to page 300 yet!  I am obviously out of the loop as I got asked what it was like as they have read “the second one” first, what is the second one.  Ok I know I am mixing things up sort of by reading in publication order as obviously not all the Dark Towers are together (but if you read them as they came out they wouldn’t have been either I suppose) but what is the 2nd Talisman?

Carrie – what can I say everyone knows this one, I think I’ve read it more than once and seen the film.  Its a horror its good with me

Salem’s Lot – doesn’t stick in my memory either way, if you prodded me with questions I might be able to answer them tho.  Was ok

Rage – yep lost in the memory is this the one  about the construction site?

The Shining – another classic for me

Nightshift – another lost (in my mind) short story

The Stand – It long but its great

The Long Walk – what a great short story did not want to put it down

Deadzone – Can’t remember

Firestarter – Can’t remember

Roadwork – Can’t rememeber

Cujo – Loved it

Danse Macabre –  A VERY long slog.  I see the point of it but it is hard going.

The Dark Tower I – Not to my taste not looking forward to the others!

The Running Man – Dont remember!

Different Seasons – I think that this was the one with the awesome long/short story

Christine – Great book

Pet Semetary – Great book probably quite predictable though

Cycle of the Werewolf – Its diddy!

Well I’ve been back to this a few times now and have nothing more to add and have no better memory of any of the ones I can’t remember.

Note to self: Must do this at end of each book