Xmas and not a bad year

Well its 2013 and everything is back to “normal” after xmas and new year etc.

There has been a delay on this post mainly due to craft stupidity.  We went away over the break and I took with me a staffie cross stitch (from book not kit), some really simple Amigurami patterns and some knitting needles to do some practice squares for the big one.

Well staffie was going all well until I realised I hadnt taken any white or black cross stitch thread (see pic to see how crucial this was)!  This has now been completed which makes this post worthwhile.


Amigurami, what Amigurami, enough said.

And the knitting well I needed cable needles and other accessories which I hadn’t taken due to trying to be minimalist.

Well lets see how 2012 went then, here is the list from the 2012 plan with updates

Well lets see how much I can get done this year then!

Beatrix Potter Xmas Tree Cross Stitch to finish    DONE

Hare and tortoise to finish and tidy up  DONE

Burda 7286 trousers (and maybe jacket) NOT ATTEMPTED

Amy Butler Liverpool Shirt NOT ATTEMPTED

Beatrix Potter toy knitting Tommy Brock and Pickles DONE

Lace – bigger practice piece NOT ATTEMPTED

Patchwork – further squares test NOT ATTEMPTED

Big project – look at patchwork and knitting samples books to help with design BOOKS RECEIVED FOR XMAS, PATCHWORK BOOK BORROWED FROM LIBABRY SOME PRACTICE KNIT SQUARES COMPLETED

Crochet – try again! YES WELL SEE ABOVE

Knitting machine – make something “properly” SOOOLLLD YAY


Mostly a bit vague at the minute I know but I am sure more will get added!

There were extras added and some disasters along the way but I don’t think too bad.

There was a bit of a lack of activity on the collection buying front but when you have the bulk it does get more tricky.

The 2013 plan is nearly formulated and will appear very soon.

I did lose time towards the end of 2012 when I made the decision I needed a new knitting bag and what I could find wasn’t what I wanted.  Then I found these


which are loved by many knitters over the pond it seems.  Getting one here though seemed like an unreasonably expensive option.  I also saw this


, not a pink fan and again the ocean was in the way.  My life was consumed.

Then a Eureka moment arrived when I found this and then discovered a pattern is to be issued soon .  http://sewfearless.com/2011/05/02/mommys-poppins-bag/  Yes I know its a nappy bag but is has the all important frame and could be tailored, I could function again, I had a plan but I had to wait, but that was OK.

Then by magic why is there always things in the sales that you have never seen before?  (ok probably not magic and actually spotted by OH so no credit to me)



Well this one can now go on trial until at least the pattern for the above is available.  I have filled it and it does what I want it to do so that’s definitely a good start.

As I say the plan is being formulated but due to some bargain trousers in the sales a period of trousers shortening needs to take place before any “proper” craft can take place, which I believe is then to be followed by baby gift making but hopefully I can sneak in some time on my aran as well………