A few gifts but not for the big (shh) day

Well against all my best intentions I now (and have had) a few things on the go.

I have made two pairs of these wristies for work colleagues.  I had to shrink them a little from the pattern as they (and me) and all small handed.  The bonus of this though was that I managed to get two pairs from one 100g ball of wool, yes wool 100% wool.  And if I don’t say so myself very nice they are too!


Also there is a surprise party coming up and I am not able to go so thought I would do a nice cross stitch card,  I couldn’t really find what I wanted but came across this coaster which I thought was quite sweet.  That’s all done too. Coaster

Other than that at the minute I am working on an aran cardi for me and a cowl/scarf thingy with some of the wool that was payment for the knitting machine.  To justify to myself why I have both on the go – the aran cardi is being knitted from 400g balls of wool and as I am doing both sleeves, at once and first, that’s a lot of wool to trail around if I need something portable. Well I am satisfied at that! (as I waited so long I have now finished the cowl!)Cowl