All Done

Well its a incy wincy lie.  There are still no buttons on my Cardi. 

But the Xmas Tree is finished!  I am pleased with it and I discovered that it is actually bigger than any of the others cross stitches I have done although possibly not so densely filled.  It is also nice to have something with such straight forward back stitch.Image

There are some mistakes without a doubt but only I know that (well and now all of you) but nothing that you would be able to tell I mean none of the animals arms are attached in the wrong place or anything!  OH’s Nanna doesn’t like sky on her jigsaws well I don’t think I like grass and foliage on my cross stitch.  Its also strange how there are some silk numbers (shades) that I just know are going to be trouble and I don’t know why.

I have realised that I have missed a very important piece of information.  I have been exorcised have sold my knitting machine.  WOOO HOOOO  I have nothing more to say on the subject.

What’s next then?


 Ah yes a little light knitting.  Well so light, some a little more taxing.  The blue bulking and purple are part of my payment for the knitting machine.  This has gone against all of my understanding as I always choose what I want to do then buy the yarn.  But I have found a snoody/scarf thing which should work for the bulky and a lacy knit for the purple, this may not go so well as again against my understanding I will have to do a tension square and have no idea how much yardage I have so might run out!

The two blue and grey are for dual purpose squares, practice for big project and also for the local knit shops charity project.  The brown/cream is for some wrist warmers and the MEGA aran is for a proper aran cardi for me. I have been harboring one for a long time now.

I was also having a tidy in my loft the other day and discovered 3 generations of crafting past.  There were various items made by elder family members and then I found these


Made by me



Made by my great nanna

Then I thought hang on there were more……………after some thinking and discussion the decision was made that my sister is the custodian of the reminder of the family.  And here they are


 Made by my nanna

On the book front I am almost finished Christine and expect to be finished some time in the next week.

(Apologies for bad pics and aligning, I will work it out one day!)


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  1. The Christmas Cross stitch is BEAUTIFUL! You should use the photo as the cover of your Christmas cards this year!

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