Still slow progress

Well with yet another long blog absence you would think I had being making progress elsewhere WRONG.  Well not entirely but not as much as I would like.

The blanket is done



The dress is abandoned never to be recommenced

The cardi is done bar the buttons (cant find any I like)

Pickles – it’s a bit of a spot the difference.  He is meant to be a dog but I rather think he looks like a rat.  I also think despite having what were probably the right colours to give the differentiation between jacket and fur I did not use them so they are a little too close.


Tommy Brock – well I suppose at least he looks like a badger but what else could it be……. well a skunk I suppose!

Cross stitch I have worked on and worked on more whilst on holiday, but it’s not finished but IT MUST be finished for Xmas 2012.

I haven’t bought a pattern for my blouse course yet.  I have seen this one but its OOP, so think I will probably end up going for this one unless I see anything else in the mean time.

And the BaBa baby lamb has been cut.

On the book front the slow going of Dark Tower 1 has been followed by quite a storm through Different Seasons and I have now started Christine.