Current stop – WIP Mountain

How have I let this happen?  It is against all my better judgement and my normal will power but here I am.  This is the “leave all the backstitch” story all over again.  Many years ago I had a habit of doing all the crosses on the cross stitch and leaving the backstitch.  To complete I then had a VERY long stint of backstitch only.

In everything there is something that is not the best bit but the only way to get ahead is to get on with it!

So here’s how it is

  • Knitted Tommy Brock – needs lots of stitching for features
  • Knitted Pickles – ditto
  • Knitted cardi for me – needs bands collar and sewing up
  • Knitted blanket for baby gift – needs edging completed
  • Sewn dress – needs a miracle
  • A pair of trousers that need shortening – unstitched can’t decide how long I want them
  • Xmas Tree cross stitch – who knows!  a lot of stitching and backstitch, will it be done for this xmas?

And what am I doing now?  Sitting at the computer trying to tell myself off because I am not getting on with any of them!  I have a degree of enthusiasm for the blanket and the cardi as the outcome is likely to be successful.  The toys I can see going badly, the dress is a disaster and as I recall there is a one stitch mistake on the cross stitch that is making it very hard going.

You will note there is nothing on the knitting machine!  This is because we have decided the trial separation (storage under the bed) needs to become permanent.  However it does appear that only EU nationals are currently interested in buying knitting machines, this does create difficulties with collection in person!

I am not going to torment myself by looking at the 2012 to do list as that would just add salt to the wound. 

Even the SK reading is not going well.  apparently there are many Dark Tower fans, having struggled with book one for a couple of weeks now I am in no hurry to get to the rest.  That may be harsh but I am currently thinking that it’s a bit too……?  I don’t really know I suppose it reminds me a little of when I tried to read Terry Prachet or the Hobbit.

I have given myself something extra to add to the pile as well by booking on a blouse making course.  After this mornings attempts with sewing that now seems a really bad idea.  When you have days when you know the only reason you keep your sewing machine is to replace buttons on ready to wear clothes it’s a bad day.

Anyway let’s go do some blanket edging.  It will get to the point where there is nothing nice to do and I have no choice but to finish the nasty jobs.  Ah now you see a real problem, they should not be called jobs as they are all meant to be hobby items for fun.

A grumpy crafter signs off