Poor old big ted


Now really I think big ted arrived before the days of fad diets and he has been on a media ban up in the loft so I am not quite sure how he has got this skinny?  Now I am not saying his friends are living up having McDonald’s everyday but they have all seemingly maintained a healthy weight despite what now feels like neglect on my part.

Well I think the only way forward is a little surgery, a new set of clothes and maybe a bath.

I have no idea what the surgery will uncover as big ted has been with me for a long time but think he was originally born from my  nanna’s hands in the 70’s or 80’s when lead toys were still with us and safety eyes were new fangled.  So who knows what he was/is stuffed with.

On the basis some parts are still firm I am guessing multiple substances!

Surgery is booked for the next couple of weeks.  Please everyone send your get well wishes to ted and he will see you all when he is recovered.  This is not embarrassing bodies so I don’t think we need surgery pictures here.

In a Gok Wan frame of mind I think he needs a bit of a clothes make over but think the styling is probably right, it just needs a modern twist but do let me know what you think