Definately one for the tortoise but not necessarily a win

Well here is my attempt at the Hare and Tortoise jumper.  Tortoise more than Hare as I started April 2011 and after much dithering for the finish have completed 18/02/12!  Have a look see then I will be critical!

Ok steeks are scary, and they should probably be practised, needless to say I did not.  They are however not a disaster.  I think any issues caused in the steeking process have been by me not reading the knitting construction instructions rather than an actual steek cutting/holding problem.  It has however taught me to crochet to something (previously non crocheter) which after some undoing and redoing was actually quite succesful and looked quite neat.  Shame its on the inside 😦

Moving on again in the sleeve area.  I don’t think the original had puffy sleeves.  They are not uber puffy but they are not smooth and flat as I would like.  Another two of my not so good techniques I suppose, picking up stitches and short rows.  Why did I make this again?  Must be because my favorite knitting is in the round (NOT!).  Note self read instructions fully to see what I don’t like doing before falling in love with expected end result.

Finally its does fit BUT not really as it should.  Below you will see it modelled by me.  My boobs have never been so well restrained and I can have a monster dinner and still not fill out the lower bit!

I do like it but I do not love it.  It would have never been a “regular wear” as that would definitely have been washing trauma.  I think seldom will now be closer to the mark.

On the plus executed properly it is a fabulous pattern.  The Shetland spindrift I used works really well for the intarsia.  I also loved the braid between the body and the rib.  And pat on the back for me for not making the neck hole too small for the head!