Knitted test squares for big project

While looking around and blanket designs and yarns for the back of the “big” project, which I plan to knit as squares and join to make a patch design, I have spotted a few things that have given me ideas.

Whilst I as still planning the design and wondering whether to go with a whole blanket/afghan already designed by someone else or pick and mix and match squares, I had spied a yarn I liked.

Should have to a pre knit pic but didn’t think about it at the time!  Anyway it Rico creative cotton.  I wanted to try it as I think across things I have knitted in the past those with cotton have been my favourites.  The other great thing about it is there is a massive (well comparatively) range of colours.

I bought just one ball and set about doing a couple of squares from Debbie Abraham’s squares books.  I am pleased with the result and I think I will definitely use this yarn in the project, if not for all of it.

The colour is not right in the pictures, it is actually purple!