2011 The year in review

Well how did I do then?

Well the hare and tortoise is not quite finished but is now very close,  I just have to finish the neck rib and then go around and “secure” things which are worrying me a bit from the steaking!

Beatrix Potter Xmas Tree Cross stitch is still in progress I did not suspect I would get it done but it’s probably almost half way now.  So that’s Cross stitch project one for 2012.

I didn’t really get down to doing any crochet so that will have to be on for next (this) year as well.

Cross stitch – 1 finished in year, 3 started and finished and 1 started

Sewing – 1 started and finished

Knitting machine 2 started and finished

Lace – test piece only

Knitting – 1 finished, 1 started not quite finished

Patchwork – 1 completed on course

Collection increased – 1 Steiff, 5 Beswick/Royal Albert

Stephen King books – 1 finished, 1 started and finished

Also Lee Evans Biography read

A bit disappointed now as it doesnt look like very much!