Its knitting but not as we know it

Yes well my new toy and I are slowing making friends.  Whilst the outcome looks similar to hand knitting it is definitely a whole new skill.  Also for something which is light years behind the technology we all use everyday there is so much too it and it is just as temperamental as a computer.  Or maybe sometimes I just don’t treat it right!

Anyway here is what our friendship has produced so far..

A very small person jumper for a person with a head like a sausage.  Well it was from a standard jumpers book and I didnt swatch, never have done before so why would I now!  The front was made twice as first time the neck wasnt in the centre but now as can be seen the neck hole is smaller than the arm hole.  But it prove the machine was fully functioning and that I understood the principle.

Next came some socks.  This is not something I would normally knit but was a simple free internet pattern with you tube tutorial and also was a one ball project so seems like  a good place to go next.  It was not all smooth sailing and there was some undoing.  The final result is not perfect, even ignoring the non pattern match, but they fit and they are definitely socks.

So the new question is what to do next……….


One thought on “Its knitting but not as we know it

  1. Holy moly! you’ve been busy!
    Very interested to follow your progress with the knitting machine… as it is something I have been pondering for a while.

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