ABNI: My new toy

Retro, back to the eighties anyone?

Here it is my brother puchcard knitting machine.  Its a long story how I ended up with it but I am sure I was originally looking at getting an embroidery machine!  I think the decision was that I wouldn’t use the embroidery machine and I do love home made knitwear but it does take a long time (very much proved with current intarsia handknit).

So here it is.  It was to be an ebay purchase but everyone must know that is the place to go and I must not be the only person looking for one based on the bidding wars that some attract.  By using the powers of google I came up with this Model 891 which came complete with a ribber. 

Machine knitting appears to either be very popular and no one wants to part with their machines or no one has one in this area.  As this is the case mine arrived by courier so I now also have a bubble wrap mountain.

Anyway thats an aside.  After sitting with the books and the bundle of papers and parts I identified everything repatriated it with machine or ribber and replaced everything neatly as it should go in the machine case.

Having then tried and got frustrated I remembered what came up everytime I looked up knitting machines. CHECK THE SPONGE BAR.  Oh yeah forgot that, sponge ordered and received miraculously everything then worked fine.

I am yet to attempt anything with the ribber but have managed to make this jumper although the recipient would have to have a really small head!  Machine knitting is different but the problems I have seem to be the same!

At this point I can confirm that machine knitting is indeed much faster.  I now need to acquire some machine yarn and attempt to make something for myself, another job for 2011.  Oh and repaint my flakey machine table legs.