ABNI: Dress for wedding reception

I recently bought a copy of Burda mag (well actually I’ve got another one now!).  I hadn’t had one for ages but there were quite a few items I liked and decided I would make myself top and trousers  a dress for the wedding I was going to.

This is the design I chose.

In the mag its made in silk jersey, having researched the price of silk jersey I decided I wouldn’t.  After trying to order some jersey samples from the internet and them never turning up I visited a shop in Washington (T&W) I spent ages looking around and then discovered some grey jersey in the remnants bin.  There was approx 1.5m which cost an extortionate £1.50! This is where the decision to go for the dress not the top and trousers came from.  The top was a shorter version of the dress in any case and I decided if I made the dress and did not like it I could shorten it to the top at a later point.

I made some alterations to the design in the mag, in the mag it had pockets which I thought were unncecesary and would just cause me to put my hands in the pockets and distort the dress when wearing it.

Also whilst making it the pattern calls for two ties to thread through the nect to gather it.  They seemed very long and after trying the dress on I made the decision to use only one and therefore have a bow on only one side.

Having never used jersey before this was a bit of a learning curve.  The armholes on the dress are not perfect because of this and also because as I had been advised, by people who had made the dress before, the armholes are quite long.

The other disaster narrowly avoided was when I thought about pressing the jersey but luckily decided to test on a scrap first!  For anyone who doesnt know jeresy melts.  So that lead to more blog avoidance cleaning my iron again!

Well here it is on me the headless model.

And as worn for the reception with a homemade alpaca shrug from some years ago.

Ok not quite as worn, forgot had socks on when took photo!