Quilt course attended – success!

In my most recent blogging holiday I have not been idle, oh no sir.

I have attended a two day quilting/patchwork course at the lovely East Coast Quilting in Felixstowe.  The course was taken by Carolyn who was very good and very patient.  The group was small as I took a Friday course, they was only four of us.  This was good as it meant that we could all ask questions and as I discovered as the quilt grew had plenty of space!!

On the first day I had very mixed feelings as although it was something I wanted to do having attempted before and not got on well and having got highly confused just choosing the fabric I did think that maybe I would wish I wasn’t there by lunchtime.  This was most definitely not the case.  The first day was spent cutting and making the blocks and then stitching those together.  Day two we did the border, binding, backing and topstitching.

In fact all four of us finished which I thought was a brilliant achievement, it also showed how very different the same thing could look!

The last bit of instruction which was the “homework” and the finishing off came as a bit of a downer, “now you need to hand stitch the back of the binding all the way around the quilt”.  Mmm a little groan came out.  I really do not like handstitching.  However after three weeks I have now completed it and below is the result. (thanks Sally for photo idea!)

My finished quilt is much darker than everyone elses, everyone else had gone for brights or pastels. I didn’t think to photo the back but it is all one flowered blue.

I am very pleased that I have made this quilt and I am pleased with the outcome.  It was though a lot of hard work for what is essentially a simple design compared to what the “experts” out there are doing.  At the shop there was a lovely example of a sampler quilt but that seems very much a step too far for me.  I have not been put off but at the same time have no desperate urge to make another right now.  I do now have the skills I need to put into the big project.