But I have been doing something!

In fact what seems like quite a lot

I have completed my Beatrix potter birth sampler cross stitch apart from the details in the centre.  I have left these as I am not sure want I want to put in yet especially if it goes in the centre of the big project.

I have made a present for a work colleagues third baby due next week.

Made myself a snood

For those who have looked before this pic has been updated as it wasn't the snood!


And finished putting most of my cross stitches in the display book.  Some are too big and I need to find something else to put those ones in

For 2011 the plan is

Wedding sampler cross stitch as gift

Patchwork/quilt course already booked

Colourwork knitting



Foxy and Jemima cross stitch

When you write it down it looks a bit ambitious but I am determined to make better use of my time this year and spend far less time on the internet looking at things I could do in stead of doing things that I already have or know that I want to do!

Plan for rest of day set up Wedding cross stitch, sort silks etc, then off to town to look at fabrics for patchwork course.

See I have written all this down now so have to stick to it!