Respect to quilters and patchworkers!

Following on from my recent post I moved on to the stitching of my quilt top and then I went all quiet.

This was because all is not well in the Donny house of quilt.

I didn’t like cutting and potentially it now appears I was not that good at it.  I sat and happily sewed the squares into strips which didn’t show up any problems but now putting the rows together is a different matter that is where all the errors show up.

Pretty much nothing lines up, in trying to sort out the wiggles I have created waft and weft problems which add to the cutting problems it seems I must have already had.

I have left it for over a week now and thought I would be able to go back to it in a better frame of mind and all would be fixed.  That is normally what happens.

Uhuh not this time.  I don’t like the fabric and it just looks like everything I have done is wrong, cutting, ironing, sewing all of it.

Therefore I am officially in retirement from quilting!  And to all of you who can do it massive respect!