Trousers ……… adandoned

After being diagnosed as having “sway back”, by Ann at Suffolk sewing school, I have studied “Fast Fit” to see how I cure the massive gape at the back of my trousers.  Well it seems I should have added some to the top of the back of the trousers before cutting.  Hmm bit late for that!

Undeterred I was convinced I would be able to get around it.  How hard can it be?  Well looking at it the lower part of the waistband it  fitted ok and the top was the problem.  I did some pinning and decided if I adjusted the side seams on the waistband so that the so the rear section was on a slant this might help.  I am an expect (not!)

So I unpicked all my top stitching after taking of the waistband undid the side seams and slanted the back section at the side seams.  Pinned on and although there was an improvement not enough.  The waistband really needed a seam at the centre back which I could take the same action with. 

Again undeterred I thought maybe just maybe when it was stitched on it would be ok and it was the pinning that was distorting it.  This is when further doom started.  Somehow whereas my topstitching had been beautiful last time this time I had it set at all the wrong distances which meant the right bits of fabric did not catch etc. 

Anyway lets put them on.  definitely not the pinning then!  After all this the fabric is looking decidedly frayed and sorry for itself, the waistband is not securely on due to the bad topstitching and the “smile” on the front is definitely smirking at me.

I have decided they are a lost cause and there is too much wrong to go back and rectify.  There was not enough planning before the start and this is where all the problems have stemmed from.  There is enough material to start again but I need to move on and do something else first.