A bad day on the sewing front – I really should concentrate

Well after getting assistance with my zip from the lovely Ann (at Suffolk sewing school) last week I was raring to go and get my trousers finished.

UHOH big mistake!  One day I will learn that if you are going to make things for yourself and you want them to fit you have to try them as you go!  So I have fixed my zip, tacked on my waistband facing and tacked the top so I can nicely top stitch it and in fact top stitched.  Smiled hugely at myself as for once my sewing was actually really straight (no one check it, for me its straight OK).

Then I put them on.  Smile stops very quickly!  I have the same thing as I have with most bought trousers the gape at the back.  But my word its huge.  Also after having been to sewing school last week I bought “Fast Fit” by Sandra Betzina this has also answered why I often get a “funny” bit near the crotch on bought trousers.  And guess what that has happened on these too.

Well the only plus is it means this blog is finally up and running as I can’t face the trousers anymore!