Well I waited until I had something done

So I thought I was behind where I wanted to be posting but it seems I am about a month off last time so maybe this will be how it goes….

So yesterday I finished the jumper/top that was on plan for Feb, so again clearly not only will the blog posts likely be mid month seems the finishes will be too!

I have made an unintended modification in that the front and the back are the same length.  The front is meant to be shorter but as I knitted the front and back together until the neck shaping I just did them both exactly the same!  I do so love the moack cables on the side seam tho they are cut and delicate and suit the piece perfectly.

I have completly failed on finishing any advent characters as I have not touched them at all.  I have also not touched the Christmas crochet so I think we will just say I wasn’t feeling festive.

I did finish the Sarah Millican book which was an absolute hoot but have not started any other reading since.


I did start Brooks Books Cheshire Cat but didnt get anywhere near as far as I wanted to.  As you will see Cheshire must be in his “disappeared” mode.


And I didnt get around to tracing the skirt.

Overall a bit of a fail.  I however have done a lot around the house, cleaning, tidying and sorting out which were things that obviously needed doing and I was in the mood for and we all know there is no point in doing something when you don’t feel like it.

So the next “slot” wil have

A NEW SK book, On Writing

I will FINISH the Advent squirrel and hopefully No 13 Colin the Cardinal as well

The skirt pattern will now be traced and hopefully sewn this time as well.

I am looking at doing my First Andi Sutterland knitting pattern so need to get at least a tension square done ready for making a start, if I can get a start on it as well that would be great.

Im off to a big multi craft show at the end of the week.  I do have some things that I am thinking of buying but I am hoping not to be dragged into too many unplanned purchases!  I will let you know how that goes…

I have decided I am going to put a little summary on the bottom of the post and update it each month. ( not elegant I know but it tells the story)

Craft Log 2018




How good was Jan? What will I do in Feb?

Er yes I know I’m behind we are already a couple of weeks in! (and sorry no pics)

So as you should have already see I have acheived :-).  I have completed my Heaven and Earth Designs Mini Princess and the Pea.  In all truth this should be enough but more will have been nice, but

I have worked on the advent characters but have not finished one, I am close to finishing no 12 teh squirrel so that is definately in the plan for Feb.  I started another, it suited the travelling I was doing, but that is quite a way from being finished.  But obviously to finish both it Feb would be fab.

I don’t think I worked on my Christmas crochet blanket at all, not good but its ok.  I think that the words on the blanket are quite difficult.  I am going to have another go at the top banner this month and decide whether I am going to finish them off or whether I am going to come up with another plan for finishing the blanket.

I have knitted one gift sock down to pre toes and it is waiting for fitting to make sure it is ok before the toes get added and its partner gets done. This is therefore probably on hold until March.

I did finally finish that Stephen King book as well.  It was Hearts in Atlantis.  I have read it but I thinks its the first one I don’t get.  I know it has taken me a long time to read it but I am still confused.  I think I have seen other people on the web say that they were not sure about it either.

With the above in mind I have taken a break from Stephen King to read Sarah Millican’s autobiography.  So far it is such a giggle and a real trip down memory lane, I am younger than her but many of the things that she talks about are things I remember from my childhood! Can’t wait to see her again in June.

So for Feb lets do this…

1 Finish Sarah Millican book

2 Finish at least one of the advent characters

3 Look at and decide on thre future for the Xmas crochet blanket

4 NEW START Brooks Books Cheshire Cat cross stitch, this will be completed with all its friends as one large piece

5 NEW START True Blue by Sarah Hatton from Simply Knitting magazine.  A little cotton sleevless top which will finally use up the Drops Safran that I have that didn’t work for the other projects I had in mind

6 NEW START Sewing bee skirt.  I would like to get the pattern for this traced out this month.  It is one of the variations on a pattern from the book so needs some work rather than just a simple trace out.

So that should be me.  Hopefully back next month, a little earlier next time!

Ok so this deserves its own post




So what can I tell you?

I started it in Nov 15 and finished it in Jan 18

From what I logged, there are some bits missing, I worked on it for 168 days for a total of 260 hours.  I definately know that I did not log the last weekend I spent on it and that was quite a session possibly as much as 10 hours.  The fact that it was only 168 day but 27 months proves that my plan of working on it everyday and hopefully putting in 100 stitches really did not happen

The total stitch count is 34882 so that would mean overall I averaged about 2 stitches a minute.  However I know that some stitches took way longer than that!

It is stitches using all the stitched for colours on 27 count Linda evenweave 1 over 1.  During the course of stitched I have worked in rows, columns, parked/not parked, crosscountry, everything I think!  Can I say which was the best way well not really.  I did not grid and do not think it would have helped me but that is simply personal choice.

The pic is pre ironing.  However you will see there is some distortion.  I think this has come from the fact that I changed between a Q Snap and my millenium frame somewhere near the top.

In terms of difficulty I would say that one of these full coverage pieces is not necessarily harder than a normal cross stitch and I can see that some people which actually find it easier as you know everything has to be filled in.#

Will I ever do another Heaven and Earth Design.  I would never say never but I think it will be a long time before I try again because I am a multicrafter there is simply not the time to dedicate to one of these that will see a finish in the project in a time I find acceptable.  Also due to the fact that even this “mini” has 89 colours it is not as portable as my normal cross stitch so I can only really work on it at home whereas I quite often work on my projects whilst travelling or in breaks at work.

So if nothing else gets done this year I have an acheivement…..nah one thing is simply not enough is it!


As a little extra here is a link to a slide shows of the photos from all the days I took one after I worked on her.  Its a bit long and not great as my photography is not great and not taken from the same angle.  Plus I let the app do its thing, its beyond me to fiddle with it!


Ok lets see whether I can stick with this this year?

Ok so I am still here I am still “doing”, seems like slowly most of the time but then when you look back maybe not.

Lets just have a quick rundown of last years finishes.  And maybe a few extras as it seems I have not been on here since Oct 16!


So moving forwards I NEED NEED NEED to get my Heaven and Earth designs mini princess and the pea done its been on the go over two years now and I have other projects I really want to work on.  So this is a focus for January.

I also would like to complete one more Brooks Books advent in January.

And I think the only other crafting thing I can hope to get finished is “Merry” band for my Christmas C2C blanket.

Finally I really need to finish my current Stephen King book as that is another thing that has really been neglected.


Update soon (hopefull!)

So if the princess can sleep on the pea does that mean she is not a princess?

I mean she isn’t sleeping by her own choice I assure you but from my point of view she needs to hibernate.  Whilst it is quite my own fault for not sticking to my goal of 100 stitches a day, which in fairness is not onerous is it, I cannot proceed with her for the time being.  I had two very long weekends of stitching on her and whilst I can see the progress I still could not see the end.  So here she is at her hibernation point.  As yet I do not know how long the hibernation will be but I do know that I will not also reach my goal of completing her in a year. So here she is at point of hibernation.  Oh yes and you will see the distinct mark of unpicking which was indeed the final straw.29971270555_d0ee85760c_o

In other more productive news, mainly because of above hibernation.

Little Tiger is done


Alice Hooties are done


Fast and Furious Clouds Factory is done


See storming through…

I have also have been working on some squares for another crochet blanket



And I started a new cardi which is coming along great



So cross stitch, knitting and crochet is all good.

Now sewing

The good….

I have done a little bit of EPP towards a travel sewing kit



I have stitched the front piece for the owl wallhanging so just need to cut and stitch the felt pieces and then finish off.



Unfortunately clothes sewing has been minimal and not too successful so we will ignore that!

And I finished the Green Mile.

Ah and I went to a hen do and did a little ceramic painting.


In the grand scheme of things quite successful but frustrating at the same time.  So on for one last push to finish out the year.  As always the plans have been modified but its only me I have to please so there is no problem there!

Its only a duck in a shawl and some rabbits in dresses aka my late second quarter round up

(well this was started before I went on a mini break and I just didn’t get around to finishing it before I went so now I’m back! and behind as always ;-()

Well we have finishes, successful and not, we have delegated projects and we have cancelled plans.

The delay for this is really because the bunnies and the duck were eyelessly staring at me and I could not, as much as I did not want to finish either, do anything until they were done as they were beginning to craze me.  The duck was only finished the day before yesterday and that was only as I had had a few small “craft slots” which really only lent itself to this.

So here she is.  A word of caution if you are planning to do this make sure you really want it.  Its probably the worse of the Beatrix Potter Alan Dart patterns I have made up so far in construction terms and as you will see my version is not so very like the model picture.  If this were just my warning I would be sharing it in a different way, however after completing it I have discovered most people feel the same.

The bridesmaids were a little less taxing and I am after having not looked at them for a week or so pleased with them.  They are gifts for a friends daughters who are being flower girls at the friends wedding.  Yes I know flower girl bridesmaid but they are only young and the bunnies are carrying flowers so lets all use a bit of imagination her and pretend like we are 3 and 6!  The wedding colour is pink although these are the colours called for in the pattern, I however think maybe not this bright!  I made a few omissions from the original pattern although I had knitted them.  The pattern provided feet which I could not work out how they went on now could I work out why they would be seen with a full length dress?  I also left of the headbands which even though they had flowers on reminded me a little too much of sweatbands, maybe that’s just because wimbledon is on.


So I started with the last two for no good reason other than they were the closest on my mind and bring me relief.  I know you should not feel this way about crafting but sometimes things just don’t work out and sometimes they have been left so long they become a bit of a millstone.

“The Pea” however is not like this.  Unfortunately I have not had as much time to spend on her as I wanted but everytime I do stitch on her I love it.  There is something that pleases my mind about the methodicalnesss of the parking and working in rows plus the colours and seeing things appear out of all those tiny crosses is amazing.


Last before she got moved to new frame


On related front one I am surprised and pleased that with the amount of people I see doing Heaven and Earth designs, the regularity of their discounts and people showing their HAED pattern stashes that I have not been drawn into buying more.  Again my opinion but these are all epic undertakings and I could not cope with starting more than one of these at once.  I know I have other things on the go so that probably accounts for most of this but with the size, cost and amount of work required I just could not cope and my is only a mini, just a mere 35000 stitches!

On related front two I am not sure how many of my new toys I had last time I blogged?  Well I managed to pick up a bargain stand, but I think this might have been before christmas, I didn’t know if I really wanted or needed one and had been trying to look out for them in the shops to see but had kind of decided the one I liked the idea of was the Daylight smartstand.  One came up on gumtree for £10 so you know what happened there.  I have used it with my Qsnap and my other new toy and it has its faults but overall I am pleased with it.  The other new toy is the Millenium Frame, if you’ve not heard of them take a look at Needleneeds website then if you pay your money sit down and wait!

To be fair I did not wait that long, I did chase and  I did order by phone.  I then promptly had a suck when it arrived as I could not make it work.  Its all set up now and I am using it for “Pea” as you can see.  I think you definitely need something to hold it or lean it on. The tension though as described, once you get it in right *embarrassed*, is super tight.  I have been impressed with the new qsnaps i bought but this is different.  I don’t think life would have come to a halt if I had not got one but I would not be in a  hurry to part with it either, its a matter of choosing the right tool for the job sometimes it will be the millennium sometimes a qsnap, for diddy stuff neither.


So that covers wip number 1.

WIP number 2 is the Hooties.  I am on track to the end of June, July is finished (might as well mention it as we are in July) but still needs a bit more work.  So here are the next 3

WIP number 3 has been a quarter 2 new start and is the little tiger, I needed an extra car project so this was chosen from the 3 “littles”.


So now for another finish!  The We’re all Mad biscornu from clouds factory is all completely finished.  Now in a different way to Jemima please please do try a biscornu and don’t be afraid, they are so much fun and so satisfying as they come together.  I love this and I love the colour fabric I chose, the only problem I had was finding buttons diddy enough to not obscure to much of the pattern.

And another….the Shaun Bookmark. Not much to say on this one but it is done.


Now for Sad/Happy finish.  Its my ripple blanket I am so so happy with it but I am so so sad that it is finished as I loved doing it.  Yes there are mistakes, yes my tension changed and one end is wider than the other but I am so pleased with it.  I think unusually it might be something I do again but maybe in a different size.  As I am still such a crochet noob I decided I would keep exactly to the pattern which does mean its quite large!  To be fair I didn’t even look at what size it would be before I started!


Ok now some bad.

I have finished one book although this may have been on the last update.  After the mini break I am now only about 150 pages off another finish but really this is not good enough and I am so far behind with my reading plans its ridiculous I am not even going to be close to my target for the year.

The Kimono has gone for a holiday as “something” following the bad incidents. Out of sight out of mind….

The lace jumper has gone to be attempted by someone else (thankyou x)

So all in all I have had a bit of a clear down of things that were on the go and it feels good.  Now onwards and upwards, I really need to spend some time on the pea.  My original plan was to get her done by the end of July er well thats not going to happen!  So my new target is early Nov as this will be a year from the start, anything sooner will be a bonus if it drags past that I will not be too happy.  Tiger will be continued as a car project.  I have been working on a adjusting a pattern for a full bust adjustment in the hope that I can make something that will it!  Well sew something that I manage to finish and had do degree of hope in anycase!  I think I may well start my owl quilt and would also like to do some of the craft holders I have planned.  I think I may use some of the leftover wool from the ripple to do some granny squares.  And finally I want to do some knitting for myself, I had planned to do the sugar jumper but again I had bought wool that does not knit to the correct tension so have gone off the idea completely and I am looking at other things although I am trying to be good and use a stash pattern but will have to buy some yarn as I don’t have yarn stash 😉

Happy crafting

Oh dear and nowt to show

I have generally been on a go slow, when I have not its not really gone too well.

I am so far behind where I want to be with my SK books its ridiculous so lets not talk about that.

I am up to date with Hooties and I was upto date with ripple until last week so hopefully I can catch that up.  Pea miles behind…not worked on anything else other than what follows…

The Kimono.  Well I was in an upbeat positive mood so I thought I would get it out and give it some attention.  Well I did, and undid some, and did and undid some and made some holes where there should be any and fiddled with my machine and tested on some scrap of the same and some different material , realised I was only going backwards and that essentially none of the pieces were connected anymore and the swiss cheese effect wasn’t what I was looking for so put it back in the cupboard.  I think it has had it to be fair.  There is probably enough to cut some smaller pieces to make something else but as yet I do not know what or I might just be able to trim all the pieces, ie downsize it a bit, and have another go.

I have collected the lace jumper that I asked my mum to knit me a couple of years ago as she had decided she had had enough.  The reason why I asked for it to be knitted for me it I am not a lace fan.  But I thought its here, its started lets seen what happens.  Er, um a lot of unpicking happened.  I didn’t get one row completed, I don’t understand the instructions, I don’t like lace knitting (ok I knew this but sometimes you have to try) and what I did manage to do took me so long that it would take me so long to knit it I would not want it when I had done as I would be fed up of it and I will have grown out of wanting it!  Oh boy do I see why my mum was fed up.  So now the question is what to do, apart from the last row that has probably been messed up by me fiddling it looks great but at the same time there is a very long way to go, to match the tension will be tricky (I knew I was going to face that in any case) but would someone want to take it on either for me or for them self or do I just frog and find something else to do with the yarn?


Here is hoping for a peachier patch both in progress and success!